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Always when I travelled and saw interesting places, stayed in great hotel, or eat in special restaurants, saw ridiculous dress I said to myself – you have to remember this place, hotel, restaurant, if I will be back sometimes, or my friends will go there, I have to tell them about it. But as usual, I forgot to remember the street where I have had dinner, or forget the brand of the dress. As I love nice things, lifestyle holidays and places I made decision to create this web site to keep in mind all the nice places and good experiences and also to share it with other people.


Bled, Ljubljana, Slovenia
20. Feb

Bled – a wonderful place in Ljubljana, Slovenia To be honest, my last stay in Ljubljana, Slovenia has not been very long. And to be precise: I have only been there for one dayJ. Nevertheless it was a great experience because I had the chance to visit a very special place called Bled. It is […]

Are you looking for a secret place for a long weekend? Then I have got a recommendation for you: the wellness hotel Vigilius Mountain Resort in Italy, close to Merano in Lana.The hotel is placed directly in the mountains, 1500 meters high above sea level. The only way to get there is using the ropeway. […]

Bologna, Italy
29. Nov

Bologna, Italy When talking about cities and nice places in Italy, many people I know think about Milano, Venezia or Roma. But there are lots of other places which are worth being visited. One of those wonderful places is Bologna. For me personally, it is one of the nicest old cities I know – with […]

TUI Travelstar Reise Sinfonie GmbH
5. Nov

Travel agency TUI Travelstar Reise Sinfonie GmbH   There is one question I heard a lot of times during the last months and years: “Where do you always find the amazing hotels and other lovely places where you have been? And how do you book them?”. So here is my answer for all of you […]

Spending some nice days in Denmark
28. Aug

In my previous blog articles I told you, that all countries north of Germany are too cold for me. I never wanted to go there because I thought it was too rainy and windy. Then my husband told me that he wanted to go to Denmark with me. He really likes Denmark, told me that […]

Have you ever been on vacations in Sri Lanka? No? Well, if you´re planning to go there once, I can recommend the beautiful boutique hotel Saman Villas at Bentota Beach. I went to Sri Lanka lately and I had a really great time there. For me, the hotel is the perfect place to relax. The […]

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