7. Jul
Baja California Sur, Mexico

Did you ever visit Mexico? No? You definitely should!  One of my favorite places to stay is Mexico’s Baja California Sur. Baja California is a state in the north of the country and it´s really beautiful. If you´re planning to take vacation in Mexico, you should listen to the following tips: Hotels in Baja California will give you the ideal basis to travel Mexico if you don´t want to see the typical places of Mexican tourism. I promise you will find gorgeous nature with incredible and calm beaches next to your Baja hotel. You get to know the Mexican culture and will have lots of fun. Surfing, fishing, swimming, golf, hiking, parasailing, are only a short number of activities, I could definitely go on. To increase your Mexico tour to a never-ever-forget-level, you can even do whale watching at Baja California, which is an unbelievable experience. These giant animals are really impressive.

As a place to stay, you can choose some all-inclusive resorts, for sure. But Mexico’s got such an excellent kitchen, that you should not miss out on the opportunity to visit more than one restaurant. I´m honest, Mexico all inclusive is a waste of joy and pleasureJ! I swear, I couldn´t get enough of tortillas with Guacamole.

Even though you will find great hotels in Mexico, you should not stay in one resort all the time but rent a car and do a trip to see all the nice places. Put on your sombrero and drive down to the south of the peninsula Baja California, there you gonna find the region Los Cabos. Los Cabos is known for its beautiful beaches, high mountains and the dark blue ocean.

The city Cabo San Lucas is the place with the most hotels, shops and night clubs. In La Paz, the capital city of Baja California Sur, you can feel the real Mexican life with all the typical music and restaurants. But be careful with the spice, the Mexicans love chili, and I promise, some of the filled tacos will make you sweat. And don´t forget to order traditional tequila after dinner, it´s lovely. The small village Loreto in Mexico is known for its historical buildings, like Mission San Javier.

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