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Bangkok, KhaoLak, Thailand

I have been on Thailand travel tours many times, but today I would like to tell you about a very special place. This place is very interesting and though it is really nice, it is not a typical tourist place. I am talking about KhaoLak, Thailand. The region and the identically named village is located on the main land north of Phuket. For me it is one of the best places to stay in Thailand but not overloaded by hotels, tourists and night clubs.

 But before I start talking about my latest KhaoLak activities, I want to give you an advice. If you make the decision to visit Thailand, you should definitely go to Bangkok first and stay there for a few days. Bangkok is a fascinating city with plenty of shops, shopping malls, markets and cultural highlights.

You can do a lot of sightseeing in Bangkok. One of the most fabulous monuments in Bangkok, Thailand is the Grand Palace. Inside its 61-acre complex you can encounter the breathtaking Temple of the Emerald Buddha, WatPhraKaew. For me it is a must see of every Thailand travel tour, incredibly beautiful, like one of the Wonders of the World.

AngkorWat -model made from stone

You should continue your expedition through Bangkok, Thailand by taking a boat at Chao Phraya River, which helps you to visit some interesting places.

And don´t forget to visit the Bangkok flower market, which is very nice. It starts in the night and is open to the public until morning. All of the night markets are good for Bangkok shopping because you will get all of the cheap copies of t-shits, bags etc. Discovering Bangkok means also visiting china town. There you will find a lot of restaurants, shops and markets.

There are plenty of good and economically priced hotels in Bangkok. If I was you I would book a proper accommodation in Bangkok. All of the shopping and sightseeing in Bangkok is really exhausting. The capital city is not for relaxing, so make sure you visit Bangkok on begin of your trip. Bangkok nightlife is nice for everybody who likes clubbing. Afterwards you can relax at the coast side with its nice beaches and great nature.

Now it is time to talk about KhaoLak again. To reach the small village in the correspondent region you have to fly to Phuket first and arrange one hour transfer from Phuket airport to KhaoLak. For my stay I choose the hotel Merlin resort, www.merlinphuket.com/khaolak_merlin, with a wonderful garden, long beach and nice atmosphere. They are offering different rooms and all of them have got the typical bungalow-look.

We decided to have only the breakfast in the hotel, because in the village, which is about 10 minutes by motorcycle, you can get fresh fish every evening. Renting motorcycles to start individual Thailand travel tours is really popular. It is also very cheap and you will find arent stationnear to the hotel.

There are some nice things to do in KhaoLak. You can for example go to coco beach and have a wonderful day. It is one of the best places to stay because there are only palms, clear blue water and white sand, restaurant, with drinks and food and small bungalow resort. It is perfect for people who do not want to spend lot of money and stay away from civilization.

On the way you will pass some more KhaoLak attractions: great nature with waterfalls.


To come to an end I want to share a very special experience with you. The best sundown´s I´ve ever seen where here, made on the beach from Merlin Hotel. I heard people saying, that the best sundown´s are on Hawaii or South Sea, but I swear, I saw the best ones here.  The pictures talk about themselves, or what do you think?

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