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Cambodia, Angkor Wat

If you´re planning to spend your next holiday in Thailand make sure you have enough time to visit Cambodia. I suggest you to spend 3 or 4 days there because travelling to Cambodia is very exciting and interesting. There are many flights daily from Bangkok to Siam Reap, a city which is very close to Angkor Wat, Cambodia.  In Angkor Wat, Cambodia you can explore marvellous scenery: The largest Hindu temple complex and the biggest religious monument in the world are located here. I won´t write too much about the temple, so please check out my Cambodia pictures –  I bet you gonna love it.

elephant temple

Angkor Thom Temple -this one was the main city of Khmer imperium in Angkor Wat

This is Ta Prohm temple- very mystery one, middle of the forest

What else can I tell you about my last holidays in Cambodia? Well, the country is very poor, so I can highly recommend to book a 4* and plus accommodation in Cambodia.  And I´d like to advise you to eat in the hotel, because I think it´s more hygienic than having lunch or dinner in small restaurants. In all the good hotels in Cambodia they have many international tourists therefore they are offering west European standards. If you´re not able to resist the large diversity of food during your holiday in Cambodia you should choose one of the restaurants in the city centre. All the restaurants are offering their guests local foods, which is similar to Thai kitchen. If you´re interested in celebrity-stories you can visit the restaurant where Angelina Jolie spend her time during the movie set Tomb Raider.

Siam Rep

Another Cambodia tourist attraction is the biggest lake of Southeast Asia in Siem Reap. The lake is called Tonle Sap and it is really rich in fish. If you´re there you have to make a boat trip with a private guide to see how the people spend their life “on the water”. It is unbelievable and definitely one of the best tours in Cambodia.

On your way back to the city you might pass a market. The markets in Cambodia are a tourist attraction, because here you can find everything you can imagine. You can get a windows software for eight euros (for sure it is a copy) or five different kind of rice with colours from black over red to white. The marketers are also offering clothing like t-shirts and shorts, kitchen accessories, a lot of different herbs, plenty of exotic fruits and vegetables plus fish and meat. But I´m sure you won´t have any fish or meat for dinner after visiting the market, because what you see there, is far away from delicious ;).

shops at Angkor Wat

outside of the city you see how the people live….


Phnom Kulen national park, one of the most scenic and historically significant location


I had a really good time on my holiday in Cambodia, so what are you waiting for?

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