As you know, I am always interested in testing out beauty- and anti-aging treatments.  Last year one of my friends told me I should try out a new treatment called Mesoporation. She said the skin would become very nice and stay fresh for a long time.

Los Angeles, California
3. Aug

For me personally, Los Angeles is one of most beautiful cities in the world. You may ask yourself why it is exactly Los Angeles, California? It is because you are not far away from the sea. Malibu as well as Santa Monica is just around the corner. Los Angeles, California offers great shopping and delicious […]

Some weeks ago I wrote about my very good experiences with special skincare in winter time. I hope you remember my text about beauty and cosmetics – and my recommendations :). Today I want to talk about some skincare experiences I made in summer. From time to time I go to the medical spa in […]

Skincare Products Review
9. Mar

30 days plan for your skin When I’m in the United States, especially in big cities like Los Angeles or Miami, I´m always looking for some new products or recommendations about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. This winter I spent some time in Los Angeles and I found a good recommendation for some skincare products that […]

How to keep your weight
19. Jan

The year 2014 just started and many people are motivated to put their New Year´s resolution into practice. One of the most popular resolutions is to lose some weight. I was always looking for a solution how to keep my weight of 52 kilos without counting calories. At the age of 20 years you don´t […]

This year I decided to spend my Easter time in a great European city: Prague. And now, here is my personal Prague hit list, especially for you. It will help you to have a wonderful time on your Prague holiday – Believe me, I´m really excited to be your Prague guide for today !

Hotel Arosa Spa Kitzbühel
1. May

The hotel is located just outside of Munich; it is about a 1,5hour away from town. They have three restaurants; one of them is the “Streif”, a buffet restaurant. This is also where breakfast is served. There is a Michelin star restaurant Heimatliebe. In the heart of the hotel, they is an area which is […]

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