Nikki Beach, Marbella, Spain
21. Jun

Those of you who read my blog frequently know that I already spent some time in Nikki Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. You can find a lot of information, some recommendations and experiences in my article about the hotel “Me Cabo” in Cabo San Lucas– so if you haven´t read it so far, you […]

Malibu, California
16. Feb

Daytrip to Malibu When you are in Santa Monica, you should take some time to do a day trip to Malibu. Malibu is a village on the pacific coast with wonderful hill roads. It is the perfect place to spend a relaxed holiday and to forget your everyday stress. For example you can rent a […]

In Santa Monica you can find a lot of good restaurants. If you like to go out for dinner, I can highly recommend visiting the Ocean Ave. On this avenue there are plenty of nice restaurants and you can also enjoy a romantic sea view.  You prefer Italian, American or Japanese food? Well, no matter […]

The Asian part of Istanbul, Turkey
22. Oct

I know, I already wrote two times about Istanbul in Turkey. Nevertheless – today I want to write about this great city a third time. As your personal Istanbul guide , I´d like to inform you about a very interesting part of Istanbul, the Asian part.

Kitzbühel, Austria
29. Sep

Yes, I know: For most of you going to Kitzbühel in Austria means taking a holiday. Luckily for me it is just a very short distance by car. There are a lot of nice places in Austria but Kitzbühel is definitely one of the most popular ones. The name Kitzbühel consists of two parts: Kitz […]

This year I decided to spend my Easter time in a great European city: Prague. And now, here is my personal Prague hit list, especially for you. It will help you to have a wonderful time on your Prague holiday – Believe me, I´m really excited to be your Prague guide for today !

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