In one of my previous texts I told you that I really like Prague. The capital city of the Czech Republic is a very interesting place where you can discover a lot. Did you know that more than 1.2 million people live in Prague? The city is located directly at the famous river Moldova and […]

Port Adriano, Mallorca, Spain
23. Nov

Today I would like to tell you about Port Adriano, Mallorca where I spent a few wonderful days. I will tell you about some nice places and nice restaurants, so if you ever decide to spend your vacations on the island of Mallorca and want to discover something special, you know where to go.  

I have been to various cities of Austria so far because I´d wanted to get to know the neighbouring country of Germany. I know pretty much about the well-known cities like Kitzbühel, Innsbruck or Vienna. But I didn’t know that you can also have a very nice time in the area of Salzburg. You can […]

Long Island, New York, USA
13. Oct

A trip to Long Island, New York A good option… When visiting the famous city New York, most tourists stay directly in the centrum. Only a few European people I know have been in Long Island so far. As I did not want to stay were most of the visitors are, I decided to stay […]

Where to go out in Los Angeles
17. Sep

You want to spend your next vacations in Los Angeles and you are still looking for some nice places? Today I will give you some recommendations. Here are three tips that might answer your question “Where to go out in Los Angeles?”  

Where to stay in Los Angeles
24. Aug

Before you´re asking yourself the question “Where to go out in Los Angeles” you should probably start asking yourself “Where to stay in Los Angeles?” – But don´t worry, I have got some recommendations for you ;). Here are a few tips regarding the question “Where to stay in Los Angeles?”.  

Los Angeles, California
3. Aug

For me personally, Los Angeles is one of most beautiful cities in the world. You may ask yourself why it is exactly Los Angeles, California? It is because you are not far away from the sea. Malibu as well as Santa Monica is just around the corner. Los Angeles, California offers great shopping and delicious […]

Puerto Banus, Marbella, Spain
15. Jul

Puerto Banus, Spain is the best place to be for those who like lifestyle, expensive brands, yachts and beautiful cars at one place. The shops and restaurants in Puerto Banus, Marbella represent this expensive lifestyle.  

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