One Day on Nasimi Beach, Dubai video
22. May

For those, who would like to see more from Nasimi Beach, pls click on the video below. Just 30min from Dubai old town center by taxi. Visit waterpark at Atlantis Hotel, rent Cabana on Nasimi beach, have a lunch in the restaurant or just small appetizer in your cabana, stay till the evening for a drink […]

Nice, HI Beach
17. May

                              The first thing that touched me was the fragrant air and gentle lapping of warm water, which also  contributed to a relaxing experience I had at the eco-friendly HI Beach. Divided into three areas, HI Beach in Nice covers all […]

Hotel Arosa Spa Kitzbühel
1. May

The hotel is located just outside of Munich; it is about a 1,5hour away from town. They have three restaurants; one of them is the “Streif”, a buffet restaurant. This is also where breakfast is served. There is a Michelin star restaurant Heimatliebe. In the heart of the hotel, they is an area which is […]

Istanbul, Hotel W
29. Apr

During my recent visit to Istanbul, I booked into the lavish Hotel W Istanbul. I lived like a queen when I stayed at the luxurious five-star hotel with the friendliest, young and pleasant staff who speaks English fluently.

Dubai – Nasimi Beach
29. Apr

During my last visit to Dubai, I spend a lot of my time on Nasimi Beach. You may ask yourself why travel to a beautiful country to spend most of your vacation on the beach? Well, the answer is simple; Nasimi beach is one of the best beaches in the whole of Dubai and also […]

Galerie Isabella Hund, Munich
29. Apr

Nestled in the center of Munich is Isabella Hund’s jewelry shop. Yet shop is too loose a word, one could more likely call this a gallery, an exhibition space for contemporary jewelry. The interior is minimalistic in style. Glass boxes and floating cabinets provide a view of the jewelry and space. It is modern and […]

Le Hussard is one of the most fabulous places I have ever visited, it is located on a rooftop, overlooking the flower market and views of the the entire city.  The combination of the bar/lounge and restaurant with the great atmosphere, views and tasty treats makes this spot quite special. The best time to visit […]

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