Sailing on Maui, Hawaii – last part
27. Apr

Hello everybody, it´s good to see you again J! Today I’d like to present you the last part of our sailing adventure trip with Kainani Sails on Maui, Hawaii. Day five After we left Honolua Bay, Maui, we decided to take direction to Molokai. Molokai is the fifth biggest island of Hawaii. The landscape and the […]

Sailing on Maui, Hawaii – 3rd part
22. Apr

I’m back with our sailing adventure on Hawaii. Day three In the morning after the great celebration on the beach we started sailing to Halepalaoa Bay, Lanai. We wanted to stay overnight there, but the day ended different than originally planned. When we arrived at Halepalaoa Bay, Lanai,  sea was so rough that I started feeling […]

I’m back with the second part of my experience about sailing with Kainani Sails with day one and day two of our trip. After we finished the organization of our adventure and had everything on board, we started sailing downwind to Manele Bay, Lanai Island. Lanai Island was the first stop during our trip. It is a […]

Sailing on Maui, Hawaii
6. Apr

Today I want to talk about one of the best adventures during my last holiday in Hawaii. I did a sailing trip with Kainani Sails, which was a fantastic experience. We decided to rent the boat for six nights. Of course we didn´t start our adventure on our own – honestly we are no […]

North Shore Maui, Hawaii
23. Mar

Today I want to show you a video from previous my two blogs about Maui, Hawaii, the North Shore. Because of its great scenic variety, the island of Maui is my most popular destination for holidays in Hawaii. The video shows  the cottage, which we rented. The video shows  also part of the road to […]

Whale singing, Lanai, Hawaii
16. Mar

During our  holiday in Maui, Hawaii,  our sailing trip, we decided to go snorkeling.  Down the water we could hear something, I will never forget: While we were listening to the sounds of all the fish gnawing at the corals, we heard the whales singing. They were singing their calming whale songs. Listening to them […]

Maui, Hawaii 2nd part
1. Mar

Today I’m coming back to North Shore Maui and will give information about the beaches and the small village Paia. Beautiful beaches in Paia From the house we rented it was only a five minutes’ walk to reach the beach. Many local people and only a few tourists were using this walk to get to […]

Maui, Hawaii
23. Feb

Maui – An island with great diversity The island of Maui is my most popular destination for holidays in Hawaii. Do you know why? Well, you can find a great scenic variety here. The Haleakala Volcano, a 3.055 meter high, dormant volcano is really impressive. When you are on the way to the volcano, you […]

Malibu, California
16. Feb

Daytrip to Malibu When you are in Santa Monica, you should take some time to do a day trip to Malibu. Malibu is a village on the pacific coast with wonderful hill roads. It is the perfect place to spend a relaxed holiday and to forget your everyday stress. For example you can rent a […]

In Santa Monica you can find a lot of good restaurants. If you like to go out for dinner, I can highly recommend visiting the Ocean Ave. On this avenue there are plenty of nice restaurants and you can also enjoy a romantic sea view.  You prefer Italian, American or Japanese food? Well, no matter […]

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