Santa Monica, California
2. Feb

When I’m in Los Angeles, I always make sure to spend some days in Santa Monica. Santa Monica is a suburb of L.A. with a lot of great beaches. The 3rd street promenade with its shops is really popular. You can also do a nice beach walk there or spend some time at Pier 1 […]

Oahu, Hawaii
26. Jan

About the island and the capital city Honolulu Oahu with its international airport and the capital city Honolulu is the main island of Hawaii. Oahu, Hawaii combines traditions, modern city life and wonderful nature.

Where to stay in Gran Canaria? As I already told you in my previous blog about Gran Canaria, it is not easy to find suitable hotels in Gran Canaria. There are plenty of 5* hotels in Gran Canaria but we didn´t find a single one we would have liked to book. Most of the hotels […]

Gran Canaria, Spain
25. Nov

How to find a hotel in Gran Canaria Usually we spend one week in Soma Bay (Egypt) every autumn, as I already wrote in one of my previous articles. Due to the political situation in Egypt we had to find a different place for our holiday this year. We didn´t really know where to go, […]

Kauai Island, Hawaii, USA
17. Nov

Do you remember the text about Hawaii I wrote recently? Well this was a general text about Hawaii but today I will give you more information about a special Hawaiian island.I´m talking about Kauai Island.

Hawaii, USA
11. Nov

Today I want to tell you something about my holidays in Hawaii. I already visited Hawaii three times and it is definitely one of my favorite places in the world. The Hawaiian islands are a part of the earth where I would go back to any time. For me personally Hawaii is not comparable with […]

The Asian part of Istanbul, Turkey
22. Oct

I know, I already wrote two times about Istanbul in Turkey. Nevertheless – today I want to write about this great city a third time. As your personal Istanbul guide , I´d like to inform you about a very interesting part of Istanbul, the Asian part.

Everglades, Florida USA
13. Oct

During our trip in Florida, we went to the Everglades. In the south, just 35 miles away from Miami, you can find the Everglades Nationals Park. It is the third-largest national park in the United States. You can either do your Everglades tour on your own or join one of the plenty guided Everglades tours. […]

Bangkok, KhaoLak, Thailand
7. Oct

I have been on Thailand travel tours many times, but today I would like to tell you about a very special place. This place is very interesting and though it is really nice, it is not a typical tourist place. I am talking about KhaoLak, Thailand. The region and the identically named village is located […]

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