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Diamond exhibition in Prague ,D.I.C. Prague, Czech Republic

Recently I visited a special event and I would like to tell you about it: One of my friends invited me to the diamond exhibition in Prague. And, as probably most of you as well, I have never been on such an exhibition before. I barely knew something about diamonds – just the fact that I do have one of them on my ring .

My friend works for the company D.I.C. Prague, which is the official partner of Donald Trump’s Miss Universe contest.

But let’s get back to the exhibition. At the very beginning we had the chance attending a VIP presentation about diamonds in general, how they are used for jewelry and also how they can be used for an investment. During the first hour of the presentation we learned a lot about diamonds. Now I am able telling you what are the most important criteria of rating diamonds and how we can make sure that we get the best quality once buying diamond jewelry.

Later on we walked through the exhibition and saw a lot of different diamonds, jewelry and one of the biggest diamonds in the world which is built like a rose. You can find a picture of this beautiful diamond in the video.

If you will ever be in the situation of buying a diamond, you should consider the following hints: The most important criteria is the size of the diamond, followed by the weight, the color and last but not least the clarity.

Please find the four quality criteria below:


The weight of a diamond is measured in carats and in the international environment the abbreviation “ct” is used.

2. Colour

The diamond is the only gemstone that occurs in all shades of colour. The most common colours (after cutting) are white or yellow – or something in between. To categorize these basic colours, an international rating system was developed. It ranges from “D” to “Z”: The whiter the shade of the stone is, the closer the mark of the stone is to the beginning of the alphabet. So if a diamond is declared as “D”, it is definitely flawless.

3. Cut

When experts talk about the qualityof a stone´scut, their valuation is always based on comparing its ideal proportions with the symmetry of a mathematical model. Deviations from such a model are known as cut quality and are divided into several grades:

Verygood, good, fair andpoor. Some laboratories are also using the categories excellent cut or ideal cut to define the very best diamonds. The final state of a cut is called finished.

4. Clarity

The clarity is given by the number of foreign substances included in the diamond. To define the clarity of a diamond, there is also an official scale which ranges from IF to P ( I-III ).

If you read this text intently, you should be able to define the best diamond now ;).

Not sure? No problem, I am happy helping you out.  Here is the solution: 8carat, colour D,clarity IF.

You have got such a diamond in your jewellery box? Well, congratulations, think you are definitely financially independent ;)!


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