29. Apr
Galerie Isabella Hund, Munich

Nestled in the center of Munich is Isabella Hund’s jewelry shop. Yet shop is too loose a word, one could more likely call this a gallery, an exhibition space for contemporary jewelry. The interior is minimalistic in style. Glass boxes and floating cabinets provide a view of the jewelry and space. It is modern and unfussy inside which allows the jewelry to become the Centre of focus.

There are over 50 prominent artists, both local and abroad, who showcase their contemporary designs in the gallery. I came across the shop when my husband and I were searching for a wedding ring for him. After many weeks of proposals and discussions and much patience on Isabella’s behalf we finally agreed on a gorgeous yet simple ring. This year Isabella celebrated the galleries 25th Anniversary with the best of Michael Becker and Mirjam Hiller contemporary works.

Isabella Hund Gallery is a definite destination store should you find yourself in Munich. The Gallery is located in center of Munich, in Frauenplatz 13

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