25. Nov
Gran Canaria, Spain

How to find a hotel in Gran Canaria

Usually we spend one week in Soma Bay (Egypt) every autumn, as I already wrote in one of my previous articles. Due to the political situation in Egypt we had to find a different place for our holiday this year.

We didn´t really know where to go, because the place shouldn’t be too far away from home. Nevertheless we were in search of nice beaches and good weather. We were looking for a place to do sports and to relax at the same time. The fact that I don´t like areas of intensive tourism with overloaded beaches and fast food restaurants made it even harder to find the right place.

Then I took a catalogue from the travel agency about holidays in Gran Canaria. Unfortunately all the Gran Canaria accommodations I found in the catalogue were hotels with thousands of beds. The hotels in Gran Canaria were directly on the beach, but the fact that they were offering dinner buffet was another big disadvantage. Finally I found one hotel that seemed to be a suitable place for our holidays in Gran Canaria.

Our holidays in Gran Canaria

Before we decided to spend our autumn holidays there, I didn´t really know a lot about Gran Canaria, Spain. Therefore I was surprised about the island with its constant temperature of about 25 °. The landscape is quite diversified; you will find nice beaches and great hills. During your holidays in Gran Canaria you can also do a lot of sports, go shopping or discover the culture of the island.


If you decide to spend your holidays in Gran Canaria, you should definitely go on an excursion to the north of the island. There you will find a small village named Firgas. Firgas is an authentic village and a very special place. There are a lot of water sources around Firgas and you might probably know the famous mineral water “Aqua de Firga”.

Nice destinations: Las Palmas, Vegueta, Puerto de Mogan and more

Another popular destination for day-trippers is the capital Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. The city is not very big but you will find a wonderful beach there.

While ambling around the promenade you can discover a lot of tapas bars

and cafes as well as nice centers with shopping malls and shops. The historical part of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria is named Vegueta. In Vegueta you will find many well-preserved and restored buildings from the 15thCenturyand the famousColumbusMuseum (Casa de Colón).


Puerto de Mogan is another nice village on the island. Because of its bridges and water canals the local people call the village “Little Venetia”. Originally Puerto de Mogan was a fisher village with a small harbor. Next to the harbor you will find a fish restaurant. Make a stop here, the fish comes directly from the boat into the restaurant, it is really delicious.

For luxury shopping I will recommend to go to Maspalonas and Meloneras. You will find international brands, nice shops, lot of cafes and restaurants there. The prices are lower than in Germany.

PozoIzquierdo is a hotspot for the international windsurf élite. So if you like to windsurf, you have to go there.

And do not to forget to visit the sand dunes of Maspalomas with their wonderful beaches. They will give you a nice desert-feeling. But make sure you have enough time; it is quite a long distance from the dunes to the beach.

As you can see there are a lot of things to do in Gran Canaria. If you would like to get more information about our accommodation you should read my next blog J.

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