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Green coffee bean extract will help you to lose weight

Green coffee bean extract will help you to lose weight – Is it magic or reality?

I have read a lot about the green coffee bean extract and I wanted to try out if it is true that you can actually lose weight with the green coffee bean extract. You will find plenty of different offers in the internet once you start searching where to buy green coffee bean extract.

Online you will also find the original YouTube video of Dr. Oz, who is introducing the green coffee bean extract to the public in this video clip. You may ask yourself now:“What exactly is the green coffee bean extract?”. Well, the term “green coffee” refers to the raw or unroasted seeds (beans) of the coffee fruits. In the typical roasting process of coffee beans the natural chlorogenic acid is reduced by a chemical process. But it is the chlorogenic acid that became quite popular for being responsible for several health benefits, including the loss of weight. <https://health.usnews.com/best-diet/best-weight-loss-diets>.

During my research about the green coffee bean extractI also found out that one of the most important points to consider is actually the amount of the chlorogenic acid. So if you are interested in the product you should check the bulk of the offers and make sure that thegreen coffee bean extract you choose contains at least 45% of thechlorogenic acid. I tried to find a very good green coffee been extract in Germany and therefore I checked out a few offers here. But what I found was not exactly what I was looking for. That is why I decided to write my friend in South Africa. We exchanged our knowledge about the green coffee bean extractand finally she bought some South African extract with 45% chlorogenic acid.

I started to take the green coffee bean extract as prescribed what meant two capsules in the morning before my breakfast and two capsules before lunch. I consumed it exactly like this for more than two months. While taking the capsules of the green coffee bean extract I didn’t start any other diet. Neither did I start any extra sport exercises or fitness courses during that time to reduce my weight. The only thing I have to mention is that I eat consciously, based on my DNA analyses (please see my previous blog article about how you can find out what kind of food is good for you and your body). So to sum up: I started taking the the green coffee bean extract capsules in February without changing anything in my life. After finishing a bit more than two month I had to admit that I didn’t lose weight. But I realized that my body changed the shape in a positive way. Metabolism was stimulated and I felt better – especially lighter – than before. As I already mentioned I started in February, and I have to say that I haven´t taken the green coffee bean extract for more than three months now. This is because I have been sick for quite a long time… Anyway, I’m sure that the capsules will help you to control your weight. But if you really want to work on the loss of weight you have to do a bit more than just taking the green coffee bean extract capsules. Sports, a reduced fat and sugar consumption and fruits as well as vegetables integrated in your daily food plan are also necessary to lose weight successfully.

Two weeks ago my friend from South Africa brought me the green coffee bean extract capsules again, but this time with 50% chlorogenic acid. That is why I will start a second attempt again in 1 month time to see if the increased chlorogenic acidrate will have impact on my weight.

For those of you who would like to know more details about the green bean coffee extract or those of you who have got questions about how to lose weight, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can find my contact details on my web page or just type a comment to this article. I will answer all of your questions.

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