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Having Czech food in Prague

The ones of you who read my blog on regular basis will know that I prefer light and healthy food. But today it is time to show a new face 😉 – I want to tell you about a very special experience I made in a local restaurant in Prague. Some of you might wonder why I am writing about Prague once more and I have to say “yes”, I have been there again. I went there for a weekend recently to see the diamonds exhibition – but I will come back to that theme later.

My friend who invited me to the exhibition told me in his email, that he planned to go to a traditional Czech restaurant in Prague for Sankt Martin menu together. He said we would go there for late lunch / dinner, which was totally fine for me, even though I know the Czech kitchen very well. It mainly consists of meat, dumplings, blue kraut and sauces and is similar to the Bavarian kitchen.

After we had left the exhibition, we went to the local restaurant in Prague. It was called “U zlate Hrusky “  and was located in a typical old building in a very nice part of the old town of Prague.  There we had some got some traditional Czech food, my friend had chosen the Sankt Martin´s menu – and what can I tell? It was all about goose.

As a starter we got soup from goose, which was very delicious. Afterwards everybody got a quarter of a whole goose with blue kraut, dumpling and sauce. I have to tell you that it was really delicious. But after the both courses I haven’t been able to eat anything else and I knew that there was some dessert waiting for us.  The waiter brought us some Kaiserschmarrn. It is a sugared and cut-up pancake with raisins. Kaiserschmarrn is not a typical Czech dish, it is one of the most famous desserts of the Austrian cuisine. The name derives from Emperor Franz Joseph I. I think you guessed it:  I wasn’t able to eat it because it is very heavy and so I asked for another option and so my friend and I got some sorbet. I chose lemon and she took pear.

After the dinner in the local restaurant in Prague we decided to walk to the center instead of taking a taxi or the tram. And I think it was very good decision, I wasn’t able to eat until the next morning 10am.

So to sum up: If you would like to have some traditional Czech food in Prague, you should definitely go there. The food is very delicious and the staff is friendly – they are able to speak English and German – and you will see nice part of Prague.


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