11. Nov
Hawaii, USA

Today I want to tell you something about my holidays in Hawaii. I already visited Hawaii three times and it is definitely one of my favorite places in the world. The Hawaiian islands are a part of the earth where I would go back to any time. For me personally Hawaii is not comparable with any other place in the world.

I´m sure you´re asking yourselves „What is so special about the Hawaiian islands?“ Well, to give you a short summary: You can find natural phenomenon in Hawaii, which are fascinating. Good examples are one of the most active volcanoes, beautiful beaches and the tallest sea mountain in the world. Another feature of the Hawaiian Islands are its traditions. Due to its high waves, Hawaii is the birthplace of modern surfing. The hula, which is a famous traditional dance, is another part of the Hawaiian tradition. Hawaii consists of eight main islands, which are all different but similar. I already visited four of them: Maui, Big Island – Hawaii, Oahu and Kauai. On my next Hawaii vacations I should probably visit one of the others – As you see: There is always a reason to do another trip to Hawaii :)! I can highly recommend taking the chance to visit a few islands while you’re spending your holidays in Hawaii. Every island has got its own personality therefore you should make sure you have enough time to do the so-called „Island-Hopping“.

The Hawaiian Islands are offering great adventures, activities and sights. Let me give you a few examples: Maui Hawaii is the perfect place for surfing, golf and luxury accommodations. Kauai Hawaii is known for the Napali coast and its wonderful nature. A must see of every trip to Hawaii is he Volcano National Park on Big Island. If you like shopping you should visit Oahu with its capital city Honolulu. Honolulu is a famous place of the Hawaiian tourism, offers nice hotels and is also a good surfing-spot. If you take a flight to Hawaii, you might probably land at the international airport in Honolulu. Actually Hawaii’s got an ideal all year round climate, which is about 26 to 31 degrees. On every Hawaiian island there is downwind, a desert-like dry side and a lush, tropical, humid weather side. So when it rains, you can easily move to another part of the island and enjoy nice Hawaiian weather again.

If you take a flight to Hawaii, I recommend stopping in Los Angeles or San Francisco, which are great cities. The flights between the Hawaiian Islands will take about 30 to 45 minutes. The international airport in Honolulu is modern but all of the other airports look a bit like beach-bars J! You will see a lot of people with flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts at the check in.

If you spend your holidays in Hawaii you will see the great variety of merchandising. I’m sure you’re not able to spend vacations in Hawaii without buying „Aloha“-shirts, paintings, Hawaiian quilts, macadamia nuts or other staff.

Next time I will give you some insider tips. In the last years I got to know the Hawaiian tourism, I discovered a lot of good restaurants, nice shops, and special beaches. I’m looking forward to see you on my website soon to get some more information about holidays in Hawaii!

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