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Hotel Cinnamon Grand Colombo, SriLanka

The second hotel I would like to recommend is called Cinnamon Grand Colombo. It is a really big business hotel. Actually I don’t know how many rooms they have, but it has to be a lot. So if you are the kind of person that prefers staying in big hotels, this is your place to be. To be honest, the rooms could be a bit better for a 5* hotel, but the rest of Cinnamon Grand Colombo is really nice. They do have a big lobby, five restaurants, a spa with a separate pool and a big swimming pool.



In the lobby you can find a bar where you can get some drinks –you can also just visit the cafeteria with included party shop. Also you do have access to a small shopping mall directly from the hotel. There are some nice shops which are ok to buy souvenirs, but of course you can´t compare this shopping mall in Colombo, Sri Lanka to the ones we know in the western countries.

When talking about the hotel Cinnamon Grand Colombo, I would also like to mention the restaurants, as we had a really great time there. The main restaurant is called“ Taprobane” and it is located downstairs. In the restaurant they offer local dishes like different curries, fish, sushi and sashimi, meat, vegetables and lot of other staff. Another restaurant, which is also located downstairs in the hotel, is called “Lagoon”.Some of the tables are in the garden, the others are inside. “Lagoon” restaurant is a pure seafood restaurant where you can get fresh fish.The restaurant follows kind of a seafood market concept: You can choose from various fresh fish, like for example the so-called catch of the day. Afterwards you can also choose your sauce, the cooking method (for example grilled, steamed, fried or curried) and the style (for example Thai, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Indian or Continental). What can I say? It exceeded my expectations and if you ever go there you will definitely love it!

As I mentioned there are five restaurants in the hotel, so there are some more to talk about – but I will keep it a bit shorter now;). There is a place called “Echo”, which is a pure Italian restaurant. During our stay in Colombo, Sri Lanka,  we didn’t try it because we know plenty of Italian restaurants at home. Neither had we visited “The London Grill” which offers very fine European dinning. “TAO” is an Asian fusion kitchen, which is located in the outside area of the hotel in Colombo. They offer very special fine Asian food.

Finally there is one last thing I would like to mention: Breeze Bar. This bar is located directly at the pool. You can have a nice and casual dinner there. On the other side of the Breeze Bar there is an Arabic corner with tea, Moroccan coffee and shishas, what my husband immediately exploitedJ.

So if you plan a trip to the beautiful island of SriLanka, you should definitely stay in one of those two hotels in Colombo and visit some of the restaurants and bars I told you about. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

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