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Hotel Port Adriano Marina Golf & Spa, Mallorca, Spain

During my last stay on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain I decided to book a room in a small but very nice hotel. I wanted to find the right place for some relaxing wellness-days. Of course there are a lot of high-quality hotels on Mallorca but not so many of them are focused on relaxing vacations. Most of the hotels are pretty big and full of people. But then finally I found the right hotel for me: Hotel Port Adriano. The Hotel Port Adriano, Mallorca is located directly on the coast. All of the rooms have sea view and a nice view to Port Adriano. The hotel was built on the cliffs and overs its guests a garden, a pool area with pool bar, a restaurant and of course, what I was looking for, a wellness and spa area.

Hotel Port Adriano is one of the official 5 star hotels on Mallorca. From the airport of Mallorca it takes you about 30 minutes by car to reach the hotel. I really liked the fact that there was no other hotel around. Outside of Hotel Port Adriano you can only find people who live there or rented a small house or flat for vacation. If you are interested in golf, you can find a golf course next to the hotel.

Hotel Port Adriano: Garden and pool area

The garden of the Hotel Port Adriano is quite big. If you want to, you can take a seat in one of the plenty chairs with sun umbrellas and relax. If you prefer being a bit more active, you can swim in the pool. Around the pool you can find a nice lounge area where you can also order some drinks. The pool area of Hotel Port Adriano is the perfect place for nice sunsets.

Port Adriano, Mallorca

If you are a bit hungry but you don´t want to go to the restaurant, you can order snacks, lunch or early dinner at the pool bar. The menu card is fine – it offers a lot of different, tasty dishes. During my stay in the 5 star hotel on Mallorca I wanted to order tapas for lunch. I found them on the menu but they were described as a portion for “two persons”. So I asked for a smaller portion but the waiter came back with the explanation that the tapas were for two persons only. Even when I told them that the price was no problem, they denied preparing me some tapas for lunch. I was really disappointed. In my opinion a 5 star hotel on Mallorca or anywhere else should be able to fulfill these kinds of wishes. What do you think?

Spa and wellness area

As I already mentioned, Hotel Port Adriano is known for being a nice spa hotel on Mallorca. If you are a guest of the hotel you can enter the spa area from the garden as well as from the inside of the hotel. In the wellness area you can find a nice warm water pool, a Jacuzzi, sauna, steaming bath and a small fitness room. I can highly recommend the warm water pool. Every morning after my jogging turn on the island of Mallorca I got there to swim a bit, it was fantastic. But as I mentioned before, I wanted to spend some relaxing days in Hotel Port Adriano and that´s why I was mostly interested in their spa treatments. I choose three different massages and I have to say that I was very happy with the service.

The rooms in Hotel Port Adriano

I think I did not spend too much time in my hotel room during these vacations but there are still some things I would like to tell you. The rooms in the Hotel Port Adriano are comfortable and the room service is excellent – I have to say that the service in the whole hotel was great, including reception, pool area, spa etc. The bathroom was equipped with a shower and a bath and was very big, I really liked it. And as I mentioned before, every room has got a balcony and sea view.

To be honest, there were some things I did not like that much, for example the furniture or the carpet. I definitely understand that you have to use carpets in hotels to reduce the noise from your neighbours, it´s just not my personal taste.

Restaurant – a big disappointment

The daily breakfast time in Hotel Port Adriano was from 7am until 11am. On the large buffet you can find everything you would like to have for breakfast, for example fruits, cheese, Spanish specialties, ham, vegetables, sweets, different kinds of bread and much more. I really liked the fact that you can have your breakfast outside on the terrace where you can also enjoy the nice climate of Mallorca.

If you want to, you can also have dinner outside on the terrace of Hotel Port Adriano. One evening I had dinner with a couple that I met in the hotel. I got to know them during my stay and we decided to have dinner together. The people were really nice, they were from India but now they live in the UK. We choose a special Spanish dinner menu and were really looking forward to get some local specialties. But I have to say that the food was not good – we did not get what we paid for and that was a great disappointment for me and the nice couple from India. The quality of the food was not good and that is why I cannot recommend having dinner in Hotel Port Adriano – not before they are changing their offer and the quality of food.

To summarize my stay: I think this 5 star hotel on Mallorca is a good place for a few relaxing day. Hotel Port Adriano offers nice spa treatments and a good service and is not a bad choice. But for a longer stay – according to my opinion – a hotel needs to offer a little bit more than that…

(this last photo I have got from the nice couple from UK, thank you Ajit !)

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