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Hotel Sheraton Salobre, Gran Canaria, Spain

Where to stay in Gran Canaria?

As I already told you in my previous blog about Gran Canaria, it is not easy to find suitable hotels in Gran Canaria. There are plenty of 5* hotels in Gran Canaria but we didn´t find a single one we would have liked to book. Most of the hotels are too big for me, I don´t like big complexes with hundreds of rooms. Neither I like the big “all inclusive” buffet restaurants. We didn´t know where to stay in Gran Canaria and already started losing hope. But finally we found the Sheraton Hotel Gran Canaria, which was built in a small village named Salobre. Salobre is located in the hills of Gran Canaria, only 6 kilometers away from the coast. www.sheratonsalobre.com

Hotel Sheraton Gran Canaria

The Sheraton Hotel in Gran Canaria was built terraced. Therefore you have got sea view in every room.  They do have a lot of rooms but due to the terraced construction you don’t feel like you are in a big hotel. Salobre is a great place to relax because it is really quiet. In the evening you can only hear cicadas – nothing more. The air in Salobre is fresh, but not cold. You will find no tourists and no cars, it is wonderful.

On the different floors of the hotel you will find swimming pools.

There is a big pool with pool bar, cabanas, sundeck and a nice garden on the top of the hotel.

The rooms of the Sheraton Hotel in Gran Canaria are nice and the bathroom is also big enough. The design of the hotel is very modern. You can enjoy great evenings in the bar with its terrace and a nice view. And do not forget to visit the spa with its own swimming pool.

The Sheraton Hotel Gran Canaria in Salobre has got three different restaurants. The first one is the main restaurant where you can have dinner. Even though it is buffet-food the dishes are definitely on a higher level than in other big hotels.  You will find a lot of different food, for example fresh fish, grilled meat or vegetarian dishes. For dining you can choose a table inside or outside the restaurant.Due to the lounge-music the atmosphere in the restaurant is really nice. The second and third restaurants are a tapas bar and a fine a-la-carte restaurant. They do not open daily so make sure you check the opening hours. I can also recommend doing a reservation.

main bar

Outside the Sheraton Hotel

Around the hotel you will find some great golf places. If you like to book a session or do a golf course you can make a reservation directly in the hotel. Well, I have to say that my try wasn´t really successful, but it was fun anyway. www.salobregolfresort.com

You can also find some villas in Salobre, which are for rent (which I found out later). The whole area around the Salobre golf villas is secured by guards. At the entry there is an office where you can get information about renting on of the villas. Most of the Salobre golf villas do have their own swimming pool. If I will spend holidays in Salobre again, I will definitely rent one of the villas. www.salobregolfvillas.com/

Next time I will tell you about the best restaurants outside the Sheraton Hotel in Gran Canaria

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