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How to keep your weight

The year 2014 just started and many people are motivated to put their New Year´s resolution into practice. One of the most popular resolutions is to lose some weight. I was always looking for a solution how to keep my weight of 52 kilos without counting calories.
At the age of 20 years you don´t really have to care what, when and how much you´re eating. But in the course of time it gets more and more difficult and you start asking yourself how to keep your weight.

So what options do you have? For sure you can start doing sports, but it is really time-consuming to visit the fitness studio at least 3 or 4 times a week. Well, I don´t have so much time – Do you?

Furthermore I don´t want to stay on a diet. I am no fan of any diet because they cause an unbalanced physical feeling and metabolism. If you´re trying to eat half of the portions or have nothing for dinner you won´t be sated. Being hungry all the time makes your body stop burning calories and someday you will pick up all the weight you lost before. It is really hard to experience no yo-yo effect in losing weight.

When I was reading the fashion magazine “Instyle” one day, I found an article about the lifestyle of celebrities and how they keep their weight. This was the first time I heard about a genetically appropriate diet based on a DNA analysis. The DNA analysis helps you to find out which food is the best for your metabolism. The result of the DNA analysis shows also which food will be best worked out and which will nutrition will protectyour body from putting on weight. Experts are talking about genetic shaping.

After reading this article about DNA analysis and genetic shaping I started searching for a DNA analysis in Munich. I found two surgeries which were offering this DNA analysis. I called both of them and got a lot of information, for example about the costs and the details of the method. The first doctor was offering the DNA analysis by taking of a blood sample, the second doctor offered a salvia sample. I decided to consult the doctor with the salvia sample.

He promised me a detailed report that shows which food matches my body and which doesn´t. I also got a list of sports that are good for me (meta check fitness) and a meal plan that might help me to start my genetically appropriate diet and to lose some kilos. The DNA analysis is not cheap, it costs over 300 €. Anyway I was willing to invest some money into me and my body – and not into new dresses.

One day an envelope came to my home address, inside I found papers, where I had to provide information about my age and my weight. In the envelope there was also a plastic mug for the saliva sample, which had to be done in my mouth. If you decide to do a DNA analysis you can be sure, that everything is anonymous. The authorized institute will only see your identification number. I did everything as described and sent my sampling via regular mail to the institute. After a few weeks I got a big envelope. I was kind of surprised because the report was really long, about 32 pages of information.

In the first part I found general information about the procedure. The most surprising information for me was that there are four different groups of people with various ways of metabolism and digesting carbohydrate, fat and protein. I belong to the group which digests carbohydrate very well; but the depletion of protein (meat)passes more difficult, which is unusual.

I also got a spreadsheet with recommendations what I should eat every day, some days or maximal once a week. With tips you can create a meal plan that helps you losing weight. In the report you will find a lot of other useful information and links to the website.

After receiving the report I stopped eating “bad” food immediately and started to prepare dishes with recommended food. And guys, it really works! You only need to be consequent and keep it for the whole time than you won´t have any weight problems again. Besides you will have a balanced metabolism and more energy in your daily life as before. And I had no yo-yo effect in losing weight.
If you want to get more information about the DNA analysisand agenetically appropriate diet, please check out the website. It is the homepage of a surgery near Munich but I´m sure you will also find one in neighborhood.
For those of you who speak German: Here are the links where you can find more information:

Now you know how to keep your weight. So come on and put your New Year´s resolution into practice!
Good luck!

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