25. May
Jumeirah Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai

Whilst in Dubai I visited a hotel in the Desert. Unfortunately I did not stay overnight, but I had the opportunity to see the hotel and the restaurant which is on the rooftop. It was amazing; from the pool area I had the chance to look into one of the rooms of the hotel.This is definitely one of the most exclusive hotels. It has a unique ambiance and an authentic flair to it. The location of this hotel is like none other, from the pool side and every other corner of the rooftop is the most amazing views of the desert that you can only dream of. The pool is beautifully designed and I really found it fascinating that it provides different temperature zones.
Live music is offered in the evening and you can sit undisturbed on tons of pillows. And just around the corner it’s a romantic Bedouin area.

In the evening time, they begin with dinner preparations and whether you’re a, guest of the hotel or a visitor, you will need to pay fee (+/- 80€ pp.) and they are no additional costs, only if you are interested in shisha. With music, BBQ and an all you can eat restaurant. You could spend the whole night there, sitting under the stars and eating the most delicious food.


Fresh fish, vegetables and typical Arabian dishes. The best thing about this hotel is the fact that you don’t need to be a guest of the hotel to take part in the evening’s festivities. The distance to resort is around a 45min drive in the route to Abu Dhabi. Highly recommended.

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