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Kauai Island, Hawaii, USA

Do you remember the text about Hawaii I wrote recently? Well this was a general text about Hawaii but today I will give you more information about a special Hawaiian island.I´m talking about Kauai Island.

The island of Kauai is called the Garden Island. For me it is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the nature. The weather in Kauai, Hawaii is diversified because you can find seven distinct microclimates there. When rain falls down in the north, you can sunbathe in the south.

The best hotels in Kauai, Hawaii

There are a lot of hotels in Kauai, Hawaii but if you want to, you can also rent an apartment. I can recommend you the Kiahuna Plantation and the Beach Bungalow, Poipu, Kauai.  www.kiahunaplantation.com/.  The accommodations are very comfortable; all the rooms are providing sea view and some parts of the buildings are located directly atKauai beach. If your room is not directly at the beach you should ask for an apartment in the top floor to get wonderful views over the Kauai beaches. In your apartment you will find a living room, a bedroom with quite a big bathroom and a nice kitchen. If you like barbecues you can also use the grill. In case you don´t like theeveryday-cleaning-service that is offered at Poipu hotel you can easily change it into a twice-a-week or a once-a-week service.

Dinner and Shopping at Kauai Island

On the opposite side of the Kiahuna Plantation you will find the Poipu village. https://poipushoppingvillage.com/. You just have to cross the street and walk about 10 to 15 minutes, then you will reach this small shopping area with restaurants, cafes, shops and a small supermarket. As you know the American people don´t walk, especially not, when they are on their Kauai Island vacations – so they take the car. But I really hope that you are not that lazy ;)! By the way: If you want to perform some sporty activities on Kauai Island you can go to the tennis court next to the village. You will also find a nice restaurant there. Generally the restaurants on Kauai Island are quite pricy (to speak frankly), so be prepared for it.

Kukui’uala Village is another shopping center on the island of Kauai. It takes 15 minutes by car to get there, but it´s worth the way because you will find my favorite café there, the Living Foods Market & Café. https://livingfoodskauai.com/.   They are offering their guests real Italian coffee and homemade pasta as well as Panini and pizza. During my holidays on the island of Kauai I picked up my coffee for breakfast here every morning. You will also find a market for organic food with gourmet food from Italy and France – and vegetables and fruits from local farmers.

Unforgettable Kauai activities

But for sure there are more things to do during your vacations on Kauai Island. If you like hiking, Kauai Island is the right place for you. One of the best hiking spots is Waimea Canyonhttps://www.aloha-hawaii.com/kauai/waimea-canyon/.  If you have never been on a canyon before, you should definitely go there. If you like adventure you have to visit Napali coast, which is amazing. I can highly recommend taking enough time for a one day trip. You will find wonderful nature and beautiful beaches. Now I´ve

got an absolute must for you: You have to do a helicopter tour in Kauai. But I have to warn you. The pilots are ex Vietnam soldiers and that´s how they fly. They are flying the waterfalls up and down and you feel like you are in a rollercoaster. When you survived the wild flight around the waterfalls you can also see the set of the famous movie Jurassic Park. Make sure you book your helicopter ride in Kauai early (maybe directly with your hotel reservation) otherwise they might be fully booked.

My next recommendation for your trip to Kauai, Hawaii is to spend a day at Polihula beach, which will bea great adventure. You will find a natural beach with wild sea (swimming and snorkeling is not advisable!) and enjoy nice views on the Napali Coast Mountains.  https://www.hawaiistateparks.org/parks/kauai/napali.cfm.  It is a perfect place for having a relaxed picnic. If you are a good surfer you might probably take a ride on the high waves. Before you start the trip, make sure that you take a 4wheel drive car at the Kauai car rental – the last part of the road is off-road. I already visited this beach two times. Last time it was a bit rainy – I think you can imagine how the car looked after the ride. If you are interested in this kind of Kauai activities, you have to have a look on my video.

My last recommendation for your Kauai Island activities is Wailua River. https://www.kayakwailua.com/. You will discover a great and silent area, where you can rent kayaks for doing nice tours. Honestly I’m not the best swimmer, but that´s no problem because you will get a life jacket and the water is very quiet (in my case it was itJ).

Next time I will write about Oahu, the main island of Hawaii (with Honolulu).

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