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Kitzbühel, Austria

Yes, I know: For most of you going to Kitzbühel in Austria means taking a holiday. Luckily for me it is just a very short distance by car. There are a lot of nice places in Austria but Kitzbühel is definitely one of the most popular ones. The name Kitzbühel consists of two parts: Kitz (formerly Chiz) was the name of an old Bavarian tribe, Bühel is the geographical description of the heightened position of the city.

the Kitz

Tourists travel to Kitzbühel from all over, both in summer and winter. Kitzbühel has got its very own lifestyle and the visitors love it. In summertime they go there for shopping, sightseeing, doing sports or for watching the Austrian Open Kitzbühel in July.

good for shopping

There is also a farmer market every Saturday morning from May to September where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and home- made food. You can also listen to traditional music or try some local beer.

Skiing is Kitzbühels activity number one in wintertime. If you´re addicted to skiing you might know, that the ski – slopes in Kitzbühel are not the biggest ones. But if you want to ski you can also try some of the neighbor places like Jochberg or Reith because they are not far away.

In Kitzbühel there are also many restaurants, cafes and clubs. My favorite café is called Pano.

There you can get excellent breakfast, sweets and drinks like fresh carrot juice with ginger.

visit café Schatzi …

or get excellent dinner in high – end restaurant Lois Stern

Because it is much affected by tourists, of course there are a lot of excellent hotels in Kitzbühel. One of the most popular hotels is the Q´Resort Kitzbühel,  www.qresort.at. All of the rooms are fully renovated and have got a stylish design with wood, stone and other natural materials.

In the hotel you will also find a nice spa area with fitness studio, sauna and treatments rooms.  Outside the Q´Hotel you can enjoy the fine weather and the calmness of the great garden with natural pool.

The resort is the perfect place to stay for the weekend. If you want to stay longer, I can highly recommend the Arosa hotel. If you´re interested in more information please check out my matching blog entry (wellness-page.).

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