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“Let´s have some coffee and cake!” – Cathedral Café, Prague

You know that I love spending time in Prague and that I recommend visiting this city. I already told you about some interesting places to eat in Prague – here is another one J. If you are in the city and you´re looking for a romantic café in Prague then I’ve got the best place to be for you. The name of this gorgeous café is “Cathedral” and it is located in the heart of Prague.

I found this little café in Prague kind of accidentally when I walked through the city. The Café Cathedral is located in the old part of the city, next to the old town square. It is very, very small but super nice. The Cathedral Café in Prague is divided into two parts: One part of the café is in an outlying position. If you want to you can enjoy your coffee and homemade cake directly in the passageway of the building. This part of the café is decorated by crystal lighting and you can find a bar area there as well as some tables and chairs to enjoy your time.

When you are visiting this café in Prague, you have to go the second part, the inside part, as well. Since the building is really old, all the rooms are very tiny, but decorated with lot of style and much love to details. The house has plenty of small windows, so you feel like 100 years before in an old town house. What I found very special are the theme based places and tables. Each spot has its own description on the wall for a special occasions. You can find a spot for “friends”, for people in love, another corner for those who would like to relax or just read a book in a nice café in Prague.

But let´s go back to the cakes: I have to tell you that they are really delicious. And once again, if you are looking for an interesting place to eat in Prague, Café Cathedral is highly recommended. A while ago they started to serve more than coffee and cakes. Today you can get there also dinner and lunch, so it is also a good tip when you´re looking for nice restaurants in Prague.

Now you are really excited about visiting Cathedral Café in Prague, right? If you are wondering where to stay in Prague I am happy to tell you that the café is a part of an apartment house, where you can rent an apartment during your stay. Seems to be a nice accommodation in Prague, right? But keep in mind: Since they have only 13 apartments, you need to make a reservation upfront. Check out the following link:  https://www.cathedral-prague-apartments.com/ .

If you are ever visiting the city: Have a great time and enjoy all the great restaurants and cafés in Prague – just like Cathedral Café – I promise you won’t regret going there.

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