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Long Island, New York, USA

A trip to Long Island, New York

A good option…

When visiting the famous city New York, most tourists stay directly in the centrum. Only a few European people I know have been in Long Island so far. As I did not want to stay were most of the visitors are, I decided to stay in Long Island during my last trip to the United States.

Location, size and weather

If you take the train from New York you will reach Long Island in about one to two hours (the travelling duration depends on where you want to go in Long Island). The island is about 190 kilometers long and has a breadth of 20 to 32 kilometers. The size of Long Island can be compared to the size of the island Mallorca which most of you know. For me personally, Long Island is located excellent. It has got the same latitude as Roma in Italy and due to that fact you can be sure that you will have lot of sunshine during the year.

What to do in Long Island?

You would like to visit Long Island but you don´t know what to do? Well, please be sure, there are plenty of opportunities. The beaches of Long Island are very beautiful. If you like to go shopping you will find a lot of shops and shopping malls there. You can also choose from a great variety of sport activities like fishing and golfing. If you prefer to relax during your trip to Long Island you can also visit the beautiful local vineyard restaurants.

And of course: Do not forget that you are really close to one of the most interesting cities in the United States (or the world?!):New York! If you like to explore big cities you will have an amazing day there.

The three parts of Long Island

Long Island is not only a nice place for visitors – there are also a lot of people from the center of New York who own summer or weekend houses on the island. And I can absolutely understand them. They have the choice between three different parts: Firstly there is the east part, called Suffolk country, which is the official Long Island. The second part (the middle part) is called Nassau Country. The third part is located in the west and belongs to New York City with its suburbs Queens and Brooklyn.

In the east part of Long Island there are nice villages like Southampton and Easthampton with their really great houses, big shopping streets with lots of small boutiques as well as delicious restaurants. Last but not least there are the world-known beaches and a very small harbor called “Sag Harbour”.

Nice places in Long Island: Montauk and Nassau Country

Montauk, Long Island, is located at the most eastern point of the island. You can find a famous lighthouse and spectacular fishing spots there. You can also do plenty of water sports there and find some golf and tennis opportunities. Of course you will find some nice shopping areas (with something for everybody´s pocket). If you prefer going out to some great restaurants you will also find a lot of possibilities there. The restaurants in Montauk, Long Island offer the freshest seafood you can imagine. On many spots you can also enjoy stunning views while you are dining.

Nassau Country, which is located in the middle part of Long Island, includes the so called “Long Beach” with its boardwalk which is always worth to visit. You might have heard about“Lido Beach” which is also located in Nassau Country – Unfortunately it is a private beach which is only available for the people living there or renting a house.

Close to “Lido Beach” you can find another nice beach, called “Jones Beach”. At “Jones Beach” Long Island you can find the biggest shopping mall in the middle part of the island. It is called “Roosevelt Field Mall” and offers indoor shopping.

During our stay in Long Island we had the chance to visit “Long Beach”. The best way is, I bet you know ;), renting a cottage there. Our cottage was just five minutes away from the beach and every morning after we woke up we went there for a walk. It was absolutely incredible because there were no people at all. It was just us and the morning breeze with beautiful sunshine. We simply breathed the salty air and enjoyed the moment. I prepared a short video of some amazing moments in Long Island for you and I hope that you will take the time to watch it.

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