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Long weekend in Vienna, Austria

As you know I really like globetrotting and getting to know cities all around the world. One of my favorite European cities is Vienna in Austria. The beautiful city provides its visitors with everything they need and I had a great weekend there.

 The historic city with its hundreds of  cozy cafés, high quality restaurants, huge modern shopping malls and many great historical buildings like the opera house and many museums really got me hooked and I know you would like them all. But there’s more to come. I guess you know the delicious Sacher cake (I really love it). Well, now you know that it was invented in the Sacher Hotel inVienna. www.sacher.com/hotelsacherwien/

One of the special café is Zanoni&Zanoni. it is italian café, opened nearly 24hours, always busy and full there. This is an “must ” to go there.

But the city is not only famous for its historical buildings and cakes, it is also a location for summer parties on the Danube Islands and offers a great amount of foreign foods (for example: Turkish or Italian food) www.donauinsel.at

As the city is very multicultural and welcomes a great amount of tourists every day, there are many good hotels and places for accommodation. But I recommend staying at the Radisson Blue, www.radissonblu.com/palaishotel-vienna,  or Le Meridien, www.lemeridienvienna.com, just to name two of the hotels located near the great park where I loved to take long walks in the evening. It is just a short way from the park area to the city centre, which makes getting to see everything really easy. Here you have the possibility to sit down in front of one of the cafés in the sun, enjoying a  delicious meal and watching the people going by.

When you are in the city centre and want to combine a nice drink or lunch with a good view over the city, you should go to the Rooftop Restaurant or the Bar Do&Co next to the Stephansdom. Another location with a nice rooftop restaurant is the Steffl shopping centre where you can find lots of nice shops and brands. www.steffl-vienna.at

Because the locations in Vienna are so popular with tourists, it isn’t possible to get a table without making a reservation. Especially the Do&Co, very stylish restaurant, you have to book a table before going there. Without doing this you won’t be able to find a table to sit down. But I managed to find a table and enjoyed the great food served there. www.doco.com

I want to point out two of my favorites restaurants in Vienna. Those two are worth every visit and are grat places for having a great day.There is the Heurigen, a typical traditional wine garden.

The Heurigen serves typical Austrian foods like Wiener Schnitzel, Bread and pastry with various toppings and spreads. These include bacon, cheese, Verhackert, lard, Liptauer and different types of sausages with mustard of bread.

But these dishes aren’t the only ones available in the Heurigen. You can also order small plate dishes like sausages with juice, little goulash, hearty snack, sour pork sausage with onion, sultz with vinegar and styrian seed oil or smoked meat with fresh horseradish. What you have to taste here is the great wine. One of the facts that makes the Heurigen worth a visit is the matter of fact that you have to see different parts of the city to get there because the restaurant isn’t located in the city center. I recommend to visit Heurigen Müller www.drmueller-schmidt.at/heuriger.html  or Pfarrwirt, the oldest restaurant in Vienna. www.pfarrwirt.com


Another restaurant is the Japanese place called “Mochi” that is located only a few minutes walk from the city center.

A great dish served here is the sashimi with truffle oil that I really find delicious. But you should try out every dish on the menu with your friends. Otherwise you would miss something. If you will go there, ask for Eddie ( he is the owner) and tell him, you are coming from me. You will get the best menu ever ! Thank you Eddie , for the great evening. www.mochi.at

But when visiting Vienna, you can’t forget shopping! (I really loved it) The city has many malls and shopping centers you can visit. But especially the outlet shopping village Parndorf , that is located bout 30 minutes in the car from Vienna, attracts thousands of tourists every week, www.mcarthurglen.com/at/designer-outlet-parndorf/de. You can spend your whole day here and will probably not be able to visit all the shops.

Because shopping is such an important aspect in Vienna, I want to show you my own very personal favorite shop in Vienna, Phillip Maly. They have all nice brands, you will get very personal advice and can take your whole compiled clothing include bags, shoes and any other accessories.


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