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Los Angeles, California

For me personally, Los Angeles is one of most beautiful cities in the world. You may ask yourself why it is exactly Los Angeles, California? It is because you are not far away from the sea. Malibu as well as Santa Monica is just around the corner. Los Angeles, California offers great shopping and delicious dining possibilities. If you want to go out I suggest you to go to West Hollywood. It is awesome to stay in the hills of Hollywood or in Beverly Hills as you can enjoy the lifestyle of people living there (which means, of course, plenty of high class events ;).) But let us go step by step.


Los Angeles tourist attractions

For those who haven’t been to Los Angeles before it is the best way to discover all of the tourist attractions in Los Angeles by taking the sightseeing bus. You can choose between three bus lines with different routes. I just took the line directly to the city. There are many stop along they drive so you can hop on and off at every tourist attraction in Los Angeles.

Some of the most interesting places are the Farmers Market, Los Angeles and the Grove, which are right next to each other. The Farmers Market Los Angeles is a place with lots of restaurants, cafes and snack bar. You can get food and drinks from all over the world as for example Japanese sushi, Mexican tacos, Greece gyros and French crepes as well as various other international dishes. It is just wonderful there. You can spend lots of hours at the Farmers Market Los Angeles and eat your way from one booth to the other. But before you start your personal gourmet round, you should also visit the Grove. The Grove is an artificial building like a “city in the city “with plenty of shops, shopping malls like „Nordstrom“ and restaurants. There are also lots of events running through the entire year. But remember to take enough time to cover everything and have some free time left for shopping and dining.

The next tourist attraction in Los Angeles is the discovering of the well-known area around the Hollywood Boulevard with the walk of fame and the Chinese Theatre. I think I don’t have to describe too much since everybody will know what I am talking about. Next to the Chinese Theatre you can find a small shopping Plaza with a very nice restaurant called “The Grill”. They serve really delicious food which can be eaten on a terrace outside. We had a wonderful lunch there and I would recommend all of you to visit this place once.

The Grill

Sunset Boulevard

Beverly Hills

When you are in Los Angeles, California you should take care that you don’t forget to visit the area Beverly Hills. This is a place where I will definitely stay during my next trip to Los Angeles, California.

It is ways quieter than West Hollywood, but you still have possibilities to go out. In Beverly Hills you can find the famous street called “Rodeo Drive“. This street doesn’t need any further introduction either, right ;)?! You all know that Rode Drive is the home of many famous designers such as Gianni Versace, Manolo Blahnik, Bvlgari and much more. This street will turn every woman into a shopaholic overnight. Nespresso is also presented on the Rodeo Drive with a shop, cafe and restaurant. I can highly recommend the small and very delicious super sweet deserts to your coffee – they are just delicious! Nespresso has also got a terrace to sit outside. It is really funny to just hang out there and watch the people walking along the Rodeo Drive. If you do so you will feel like in the Nespresso TV spot with George Clooney. This TV spot is always worth a second look 😉

Get styled in Los Angeles, California

Ladies, once you are in Beverly Hills, do not forget to visit some of the famous hair or cosmetics studios there. They will be an unforgettable experience. You should go to the “Dry Bar” if you just want to get your hair washed and styled for the evening. You would rather get some new highlights in your hair? Then you have to go to Michael Canale’s salon. Michael is the stylist who cuts and styles the hair for Heidi Klum or Jennifer Aniston. I have been there and I can tell you that I have never gotten my hair better colored as in his salon. It was done by him personally. Do you want to get the newest make up trends? Visit Anastasia’s Beverly Hills studio. You will be really surprised what she is able to do with your face and how gorgeous you will look after the treatment.

Of course there are lots of other places which should be visited in Los Angeles, California. I just wanted to point out to you some of Los Angeles tourist attractions, which I personally find really interesting.

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