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I spent my last holiday in the Maldives and visited two wonderful islands, Filitheyo and Bodhu Hithi. Today I´d love to tell you something about my time in the Maldives to share some of the fantastic experiences with you and give you an impression of Maldives holidays.

I´m sure that you already heard a lot of luxurious resorts in Maldives or a romantically honeymoon in Maldives. But did you ever ask yourself the question “Where is Maledives”? Well, no worries, I can help you. The Maldives are a group of atolls and islands in the Indian Ocean, south-western of India and Sri Lanka. Sure, the flight to the Maldives takes some time, but I promise, the Maldives are gorgeous and worth the trouble! Before you book your Maldives accommodation, you should use a Maldives map or Google Maps to get an idea of the landscape. If you like to spend your vacations on a tropical island with natural beaches, palm trees and house reefs you should chose a Maldives island, which is far away from the main atoll.  On the nearly untouched islands you will need to book a seaplane transfer to reach your hotel and it´s definitely gonna be an adventure.

On the main atoll you will find the capital of the Maldives, Male. As I told you, I visited Filitheyo Island, which is 30 minutes away from Male by plane and Bodhu Hithi, where you can get to in only 40 minutes by speedboat. Furthermore, the main atoll is the home of most of the hotels in Maldives and the luxury resorts. To get there, you will only need a boats transfer. They are offering beach villas and overwater villas in the Maldives. As a tip for you: You can be sure, that you will have more privacy on overwater villas than on the beach. You should also make sure, that you book half board because the food is quite expensive on the islands. I think that´s all for today –I´m already looking forward to tell you about my time on Filitheyo Island next week!


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