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Mangostin Asia Restaurant in Munich, Germany

Today I would like to tell you something about one of my favourite Asian restaurants in Munich. It is called Mangostin Asia and I know this restaurant for a very long time now. To be honest, my last visit was pretty long time ago – I don´t really know why, I think I somehow forget it, as there are plenty of restaurants in Munich. Another reason might be that the Mangostin Asia restaurant in Munich is far away from the place where I live. It is located on the other side of the city, a little bit outside of the centre. When I was looking for an Asian restaurant in Munich lately,I always choose one in my neighbourhood.

But after being there again, I have to say, that the Mangostin Asia restaurant is different from other Asian restaurants in Munich. They have three different dining rooms in different styles. Two rooms are decorated in a colonial style –  they are more or less white and furnished with tables for four guests. Some of you might know the hotel Raffles in Singapore. The atmosphere in the restaurant Mangostin Asia in Munich is pretty similar. The third room is the biggest one in this Asian restaurant in Munich. The design is modern-Asian, furniture and decoration consists of black and red colours mainly. The third room has got an open kitchen so you can see how the cooks prepare the food.

To describe the food you will get in Mangostin Asia restaurant in Munich I can´t find another word than “excellent”. On the menu card you can find a great variety of the Asian cuisine: From Japanese, over Thai to Vietnamese dishes. The Asian restaurant in Munich is offering vegetarian food, fresh fish, curries and meat – everything you can imagine. And they do have a separate menu for sushi. Besides the food, the service is excellent, too. During summer, you can also enjoy your dinner on the terrace or in the nice beer garden. But don´t worry:  This place is not what you expect from a typical Bavarian beer garden. You won´t get the typical beer garden food you know from other beer garden restaurants in Munich, they are serving delicious Asian food only.

duck curry

If you are hungry now and would like to enjoy a dinner in one of the smaller rooms, I can highly recommend doing a reservation. I hope you will have a great time at Mangostin Asia restaurants in Munich.

crab coconut dip with bread

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