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Maui, Hawaii 2nd part

Today I’m coming back to North Shore Maui and will give information about the beaches and the small village Paia.

Beautiful beaches in Paia

From the house we rented it was only a five minutes’ walk to reach the beach. Many local people and only a few tourists were using this walk to get to the small beach in Paia. It is not a typical tourist place, which was a great enjoyment for us. At the beach you can go snorkeling or swimming. I think we were favored by fortune because we saw beautiful turtles there. We just had to stand in the water and watch them, it was impressive.

The wide beach of Baldwin Beach Park  www.paiamaui.com/beaches/baldwin-beach-park is a nice place for swimming, because they are offering beach safety there. Another beach is about 20 minutes by car away from Paia. It is called Kanaha Beach Park. www.co.maui.hi.us/Facilities/Facility/Details/101 This beach park is the perfect place for kiting and windsurfing. If you like to discover the scenery, you can walk around the bays and use the facilities like freshwater, restrooms and changing rooms.

One of the bays of Kanaha Beach Park in Maui is selected just for swimming. The water is calm and you don’t need to worry about any currents.

Another famous beach near to Paia is Hookipa beach. This beach is a popular spot for surfing and windsurfing and is located near to Mamas Fish House. But be careful: The waves are very high, so if you want to surf there, you need to be really experienced. If you only like to watch the surfers, you should go to the visitor’s lookout. It is also a great place to watch the natural spectacle of the sea.

What to do in Paia

Paia is a small village with an international touch and the romantic atmosphere of a small village.This little town offers its guests a variety of shops, boutiques, surf shops, antique stores, and bakeries. Visitors do have the choice of 14 different restaurants. Besides the bakeries, coffee shops and delis you can choose between Pacific Rim, Continental, Mexican, Crepes, Indian Curries, Mediterranean and Vegetarian cuisine – Just to mention some of them ;). I can highly recommend the “Café Mambo” in Paia for having breakfast, lunch or dinner. At “Café de Amis” you will get the best crepes in Maui – You should definitely try them.

The “Mana Foods grocery”offers their guest a wide range of natural and organic food. They do also offer local food from the farmers around Paia. In my opinion it is the best supermarket in Maui.  Paia is also a paradise for shopping addicted people. Altogether you will find more than 39 boutiques, surf shops, swimwear and clothing shops there. Some of them are very unique; you won´t find a second one of them in Maui.A very popular brand is “Letarte“, they are offering swim wear, beach accessories and summer dresses. Even celebrities do like the creations of Letarte.

So to sum up: Maui is the perfect place to spend a diversified and relaxed holiday. I really hope you enjoyed my report about Paia and its neighborhood. I am looking forward to see you on my next blog about Maui and other adventures.

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