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Maui, Hawaii

Maui – An island with great diversity

The island of Maui is my most popular destination for holidays in Hawaii. Do you know why? Well, you can find a great scenic variety here. The Haleakala Volcano, a 3.055 meter high, dormant volcano is really impressive. When you are on the way to the volcano, you can explore the spectacular nature of Maui with its different climate zones. Standing on the top of the volcano you will have a wonderful view over the whole island Maui. But be sure you take some warm clothes with you – it is really cold on the top of the Haleakala, you will definitely need long pants, a jacket and a sweat jacket. It might even happen that it starts snowing on the top of the volcano.

Besides the volcano you will also find some beautiful mountains and waterfalls on the island of Maui. There are some nice beaches for swimming in Lahaina, which is a small city in the northwest of Maui. Lahaina used to be an important harbour for whale hunters former times. Today it is a nice village for shopping and sightseeing. A great place for windsurfing and kiting is Kanaha Beach Park. Hookipa Beach is the best place for surfing. If you prefer golf or shopping you should rather visit Wailea, Paia or the new shopping mall in Kailua, next to the airport.

As you can see, the diversity of Maui island is great. If you decide to spend your holidays there, you will have nature pure(for example on the road to Hana) and luxury hotels (like the Four Seasons in Wailea) on one island. Across the whole island there are a lot of different restaurants, some of them are really good but also really expensive. To discover the whole island of Maui, you will definitely need plenty of time. I would like to recommend to split your holidays in Maui into three parts: South Maui, West Maui and the North Shore.

This article is about the North Shore Maui with Paia

Where to stay in Paia and the neighbourhood

If you want to spend some time in North Shore  Maui, I would like to recommend renting a house, apartment or flat. For me personally it is the best way to have a good time in Paia and the neighbourhood. The North Shore Maui is very natural and you will find lots of nice beaches there.We found a very nice house in Paia which was online five minutes away from the beach. The house, owned by Valery and Craig, https://www.mauibythesea.com/ was absolutely nice. It was armed with a full equipped kitchen, a comfortable living room, a nice bedroom and a clean bathroom. But the best party of the house was the big terrace with a wonderful sea view. Every morning we woke up, we had a beautiful view on the sun and the sea. For me it was a perfect place to do my Pilates exercises and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Can you imagine a better start? Well, I can´t! In the evening we used to grill delicious fresh fish and burgers on the terrace, which was awesome.

View from the garden

View from the garden to the beach

The owners of the house in Paia do have a cute red cat, which is named Pumpkin. He is really curious and visits all of the guests – and if he gets the chance, he inquires the house. When we arrived in Paia, I found some fresh fruits in the kitchen: small bananas, avocado, oranges and many others.They were all harvested in the garden in the house. From this garden you do also have a nice sea view and if you want to, you can watch the surfers or enjoy the nice weather and the sunset.

garden view

View from the terrace

view from the garden

If you like to have a recommendation for another accommodation in Paia, I would like to suggest “Inn at Mamas Fish house”, www.mamasfishhouse.com/  which is a really nice place to stay overnight.  Mamas Fish House offers not only cottages and suites but also a very nice restaurant with delicious dishes.

Next week I will follow up with information about the beautiful beaches in North Shore and what to do in Paia.

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