28. Jul
Me Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Last time I already told you about the region Los Cabos in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Today I want to give you some more advices. If you are planning to spend your next holiday there, I can give you some insider information and good tips to choose the right hotels in Cabo San Lucas. Cabo San Lucas is a small city, that´s very popular for tourist travelling Mexico. Especially in springtime you can have a good time in San Lucas, exploring the wonderful beaches and impressive bays. I´ve you like to meet local animals, you can do a camel ride through the desert park natural reserve. Or you decide to spend some of your budget to swim with the magnificent dolphins.

Beach hotels in Cabo San Lucas are a wonderful choice if you love relaxed days at the beach and gorgeous sunsets. One of the most beautiful beach club  in San Lucas is Nikki Beach. If you are addicted to beach hotels and you like the Nikki Beach in Miami, you will also have a good time at the hotel Me Cabo www.melia.com/hotels/mexico/los-cabos/mecabo/ . Even though the view is beautiful and the rooms are quiet convenient, for me personally, the hotel Me Cabo in San Lucas is not the best place to spend holidays. If I would come back to Los Cabos, I would rather choose one of the other Cabo San Lucas Resorts. But if you are in Cabo San Lucas, you should definitely visit the Nikki Beach club https://www.nikkibeachcabo.com/. Nikki Beach Cabo San Lucas is known as one of the most luxurious locations for beach parties in the world. You can expect good music on the pool all day long and great drinks at the bar. On every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, there are live DJ´s, who heat up the cheerful atmosphere. I promise, sometimes you can even see some celebrities there( for example Kardashians). In the evening, the party continues in the night club, which is known as the “Passion Club”. If you´re getting hungry of dancing all the time and trying to catch a millionaire, I can highly recommend the restaurant at the pool. You should try the sashimi plate there, it´s really delicious!

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