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My insider tips for tapas bars in Gran Canaria, Spain

If you are on holiday, you will always need some good advices to find nice restaurants and bars. That is why I´m always interested in getting and collecting such information. Here are my insider tips for tapas bars in Gran Canaria. During my holidays I tried to look out for the tapas bar in Gran Canaria where most of the local people were dining. I wanted to get popular local food and no fast-food dishes like pizza or paste.

Finally I made a find 🙂

Los Joses tapas bar in Maspalomas

There is a nice tapas bar in Maspalomas, named Los Joses. The bar is located a little bit outside of the city centre. The interior is very simple and consists of wood table and chairs. There is also a small place to sit outside directly on the street. This is a typical picture of the life in Gran Canaria. The food you will get in the tapas bar in Maspalomas is excellent.  They are offering different kinds of tapas as well as some a la carte dishes.  I tried both, started with tapas and then finally ordered fresh fish. The menu is in Spanish only, but the owner speaks very good German and English, so it is no problem if you can´t understand everything. If you are interested in more details about the Los Joses tapas bar in Maspalomas, you should check out their homepage. www.facebook.com/latapitalosjoses

Bar Playa in Pajar

The second restaurant I´d like to recommend is a seafood restaurant in Gran Canaria.  It is called Bar Playa in Pajar and is located directly on the coast. www.barplaya.com/quienes.html .You can sit outside but I have to say, that the view is not the best. But you should go there anyway. The seafood restaurant Pajar offers pure und delicious fish. The menu is in Spanish only and the English of the staff is not very well -So you should know what you want to eat. It might be helpful to have a look on the menu on the wall. We ordered grilled fresh fish, grilled octopus and calamari. The interior is more than simple and the restaurant is definitely not the right place for high heels or fancy dressesJ! Dining at Bar Playa in Pajar is a very interesting experience.

La Bahia and La Caracola(Seemuschel)

Next to Bar Playa in Pajar there is another nice restaurant / tapas bar. The name of this tapas bar in Gran Canaria is La Bahia. The food is homemade and very fresh. The selection at La Bahia Pajar is limited and depends on what they have available. It might happen that half of the menu is not available, due to the fishes are sold already.

The last restaurant I´d like to recommend is La Caracola (Seemuschel) in Mogan. https://seemuschel.eu/. You will find the maritime designed restaurant with its fresh and delicious food next to the harbour. You can sit inside or outside but be sure you make a reservation, the restaurant La Caracola(Seemuschel) has got limited space. Compared to the other restaurants it is a little bit pricy but still recommendable.

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