4. May
Nice – Café de Turin – Seafood Restaurant

Should you ever find yourself in the beautiful city of Nice and would like to try quality seafood cuisine then the Café de Turin is the right place for you. This restaurant is by far the best sea food destination I have ever been to in all my years of travelling. From the moment I set foot in the restaurant, made my way to the table and took a look at the menu, my mouth was like a waterfall, the anticipation was killing me whilst also indulging in the atmosphere, its warm and friendly and has that pleasantly French feel to it. The Café de Turin is a seafood lover’s haven, which boasts of the freshest fish in the city and I am definitely not one to disagree with that statement. This place is unpretentiously all about seafood, in fact there is not much else on the menu. People come from far to try the widely popular oysters from Café de Turin, even the locals boast of their excellence. Located in one of Nice’s most beautiful places, the Place Garibaldi, tourists can enjoy first class seafood whilst indulging in the wonderful architecture and history of the magnificent city.

unique size of the King Prawns and the Oysters – their size were like my hand! from my opinion the best seafood restaurant in Nice

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