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Nice, HI Beach
















The first thing that touched me was the fragrant air and gentle lapping of warm water, which also  contributed to a relaxing experience I had at the eco-friendly HI Beach. Divided into three areas, HI Beach in Nice covers all aspects of enjoying a day at the beach. Catering for all ages HI Beach aids those who need to relax with their tranquil quiet area, HI-Relax, surrounded by a curtain of bamboo it offers the guest a chance to unwind in one of the most beautiful settings. I personally needed to feel revitalized and energized so I paid a visit to the HI-Energy zone and I even ended up participating with other guests at the music and activity area.On the tour around the Beach, I saw the cutest location for a family getaway. HI-Play, has an integrated playground and many other activities that the kids would enjoy. HI Beach also offers a comfortable hotel and a SPA, however, it´s a high-priced pleasure as you have to pay extra for entry, towels and other services depending on your requests. I also received a lovely scented “Avian” face spray compliments of HI Beach.


I definitely had a lot of fun at HI Beach and I figured, it doesn’t matter which area you choose to visit, you will enjoy it. You would fall in love with the South-East of France, a warm and sunny place that caters to all walks of life and with a little luck, you might run into a prominent guest because Nice is very popular with the Stars.

In general, the meals are excellent and served in opulent portions, but slightly overpriced. There are cheaper places to visit in Nice, but this one stands out with its beautiful surrounds and variety of choice.  A fun fact is that the night-life in Nice starts at 5 p.m. Live DJs play chill out music until the party starts in the clubs. Should you ever find yourself in Nice, HI-Beach is a must-see destination. I know that I would definitely go back again.

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