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Nikki Beach, Marbella, Spain

Those of you who read my blog frequently know that I already spent some time in Nikki Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. You can find a lot of information, some recommendations and experiences in my article about the hotel “Me Cabo” in Cabo San Lucas– so if you haven´t read it so far, you should click on the travel section on my blog and catch up on this J. Today I will write about another famous Nikki Beach: Nikki Beach in Marbella.

Nikki Beach Marbella is located in the south of Marbella, which is (as you already know) quiet a big city in the south of Spain, directly at the Costa del Sol. Depending where you are, it takes about 10-15 minutes by car to reach Nikki Beach, Marbella because it is a little bit outside of the city. Since Marbella, Spain it is very famous and people and tourists from all over go there every summer, the responsible spent a lot of time taking care about the beach area. I can tell you that it looks really nice right now – Nikki Beach, Marbella is definitely a place where you can feel very comfortable and enjoy your vacations. When you are at the beach in Marbella, Spain you can relax in some of the sunbeds (there are plenty of them!), some of them with direct access to pool areas.

You can also spend your time with having a drink at one of the nice beach bars or smoking a shisha.

For sure there is excellent restaurant at Nikki Beach, Marbella.

The famous beach club Marbella does also offer a VIP area, which can be booked for different events or just for special service. If I had to describe the beach club in Marbella with three words, I would probably choose: cool, sexy and glamorous. You can spend your day at the beach or just go there for lunch, dinner or, not to forget, for having a party all night long. The staff of the beach club in Marbella is very friendly. They are absolutely professional and they are able to fulfill all of yourwishes. There are some good and well known DJs in the beach club Marbella playing cool chill out music during the day. As a special giveaway we received a CD with the actual mix of popular songs of Nikki Beach Marbella 2014 😉 – Every time I listen to the music it feels immediately like being back in the beach club Marbella.

When you enter the beach club Marbella you don´t have to pay any entry fee. You just order your drinks and food directly at the bar or in the restaurants. For sure you have to pay your bill afterwards. If you like to spend some relaxing hours in one of the cabanas or sunbeds you need to pay for them, too. The sunbeds on the beach cost between 100 and 200€, depending on where they are positioned. The sunbeds around the pool area of the beach club Marbella cost 250€ a day. There are also some special services at the beach club, for example different kinds of massages which can be done in your sunbed or in a separate area.

During my holidays in Marbella, Spain I spent the whole day at the beach club. I also had some really nice lunch there.  On the menu I could find different choices, such as sushi, pasta, tapas, fish or steak with delicious starters and salads or sandwiches. To conclude my article I want to tell you that I can highly recommend the beach club in Marbella. If you decide to go there one day, you should check their website first. I´m sure you will find some special events which will mean having even more fun !

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