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Oahu, Hawaii

About the island and the capital city Honolulu

Oahu with its international airport and the capital city Honolulu is the main island of Hawaii. Oahu, Hawaii combines traditions, modern city life and wonderful nature.

The capital city Honolulu is famous for the Waikiki beach, good shopping facilities, enjoyable nightlife and a wide range of restaurants and cafes.  It is a big city with a lot of traffic and, for sure, many tourists. Especially Japanese vacationers spend most of their free days in Honolulu – they do not travel to any of the other islands. If you decide to spend your holiday on the Hawaiian island Oahu, you have to visit China Town in Honolulu. There you will find a fish and food market and plenty of small shops which are offering traditional Chinese staff.

What to do in Oahu, Hawaii

Far away from the other tourists you can find a small village on the north shore, which is called Hailewa, Oahu. This Hawaiian village is very traditional and you will find a lot of nice coffee shops which freshly roasted coffee. The best café is on the market place of Hailewa, Oahu. Due to the fact that there are only a few ways to get there I´m sure you won´t miss it. And I promise that it is really delicious; you definitely have to stop for having a cup of coffee or cappuccino.

If you like shrimps, you should take this advice: While travelling to the North shore you will see a lot of shrimp farms. You should have a break there to taste some of the delicious shrimps. You can order them in different ways, for example grilled or baked. However you like it.

Adventures in Oahu

Due to the fact that surfing in Hawaii is really popular the north shore is definitely the main spot for adventures in Oahu. You can watch the surfers trying their luck each time a big wave arrives. Watching all the guys with their colorful surfboards on the three meter and higher waves is an awesome picture.

For all the people who don´t like surfing there are some more things to do in Oahu, Hawaii. For example you can find a lot of golf places there – more than on the other Hawaiian Islands. If you like snorkelling you should go to Hanauma Bay, https://www.hanaumabaysnorkel.com/ which is an extinct volcano crater, with a large variety of fishes. If you prefer swimming you should visit Kailua Bay (with Lanikai and Kailua beach), the water is very clear and calm there.

Where to stay in Oahu, Hawaii

If you´re spending your holidays in Oahu you have to decide if you like to book an accommodation directly on the beach or in the second row. My recommendation is to book a house or a bungalow a little bit outside of Honolulu. We booked a bungalow which was only five minutes away from Kailua Beach. It was a wonderful place with lots of restaurants, shops and supermarkets nearby. If you like to go out for dinner I have one special recommendation for you: Try the Buzz Lanikai Restaurant. https://buzzsoriginalsteakhouse.com/lanikai/ They are serving delicious seafood as well as steaks and combos. I have been seated on the table, where Bill and Hillary Clinton had dinner in 1994. They are fully booked every evening so it is better to make a reservation. For sure you can also go there for having lunch with a wonderful view on the Lanikai Beach.

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