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Port Adriano, Mallorca, Spain

Today I would like to tell you about Port Adriano, Mallorca where I spent a few wonderful days. I will tell you about some nice places and nice restaurants, so if you ever decide to spend your vacations on the island of Mallorca and want to discover something special, you know where to go.


When people hear about Mallorca, they often think about “Ballermann”. Alcohol, beer, teenagers, bars and clubs: That’s what comes to their mind when you tell them you spent some days on the Spanish island Mallorca. But “Ballermann” is just one single street on this wonderful island – the rest of Mallorca is a really fantastic place with beautiful landscape. The island is quite and you can spend nice and relaxing vacations there. I can promise that you won´t regret travelling to Mallorca.

A very special harbor -Port Adriano

One of the really nice places on the island of Mallorca is Port Adriano, a very small but stylish harbor. It is about 30 minutes away from the airport Palma de Mallorca. The village where you can find Port Adriano is called El Toro. It is not a typical place for tourists. You can only find one 5* hotel in El Toro, most of the visitors spend their vacations in their own apartments or houses. When you visit the harbor you can find a lot of nice shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. You can also find a supermarket, a fitness studio and a small beach at Port Adriano. And of course I have got some more recommendations for you J!

Well known – Sansibar Mallorca

On the second floor of the harbor you can find a restaurant called Sansibar. If you already spent some vacations on Sylt you probably know the brand Sansibar – or maybe you have already heard or read about it, it is quite popular. The restaurant Sansibar in Mallorca has got a nice bar where you can buy delicious drinks and small snacks. But they do also have a shop where they are selling some typical things (as other Sansibars do) like sport clothes and vine. If you are looking for some special souvenirs you might find something there.

My favourite place – Coast by East Mallorca

One of my favorite restaurants in Mallorca can be found in Port Adriano, too. It is called Coast by East Mallorca. You can rather choose a table at the ground floor or on the first floor, where you will have wonderful view over the harbor. If you are not really hungry you can also just sit on the bar and enjoy some drinks and small snacks. In the back of the restaurant you can also find a pool with comfortable chairs – that’s also a perfect place to relax. The interior of Coast by East Mallorca looks very nice, there is a lot of wood and they place a lot of value on decoration. The menu card is excellent, they offer Asian food and sushi with modern touch and I have to say it again: It is definitely the best restaurant in Port Adriano. As a starter I choose lobster soup and as main course I had sea bass Asian style with wok vegetables, which was very delicious!

The Grill Mallorca and El Faro Mallorca

Another good restaurant in the harbour of Port Adriano is The Grill. You can sit on the ground floor and enjoy the nice decoration with candles etc. I have to say that they do offer a lot of tasty grilled dishes. If you like grilled steak,  you should go to The Grill Mallorca once.

El Faro is another place I can recommend. If you want to have fresh fish you should go there. Every evening they offer the best and freshest fish, served on a big plate. They will bring it to your table and you can choose whatever you like. They have grilled fish, steamed fish or fish in salt. Besides that, El Faro Mallorca offers some typical Spanish dishes like for example Paella.

If you spend some vacations on the island of Mallorca, Port Adriano is definitely worth visiting. I can highly recommend to stop there, you won´t regret it.


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