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Product review: aluminum free deodorant – Stick deodorant “Aloe Ever Shield” – “Forever Living Aloe”

As you know from my previous texts, I like to test every kind of beauty product you can imagine. But there is one thing I mainly avoided to test so far: natural deodorant. Usually I really like natural products but when it comes to deodorant, I have to say, that I have the opinion that the natural products do not, what they are supposed to do. I am pretty sure that some of you made the same experiences than I did. Until now, I already tried some natural and aluminum free deodorants from different brands but none of them worked fine for me. Unfortunately I never felt well “protected”.

Well, some weeks ago I was asked if I would like to test an aluminum free deodorant. As I mentioned in the beginning, I love to test new things and that’s why I said “Yes, why not! Let´s give it a try!” Another reason why I wanted to test the aluminum free deodorant was, that I read a lot about aluminum in cosmetic products. If you do some research online, you can find a lot of different opinions. Fact is that aluminum in high doses is toxic for the body. That is why consumers are looking for alternative products without aluminum chlorides for the daily use.

But let´s get back to the product review: The aluminum free deodorant I tested is a stick deodorant called “Aloe Ever Shield” from the brand “Forever Living Aloe”.

stick deodorant Aloe Ever Shield

Test phase:

I decided to use the aluminum free deodorant before my Zumba trainings sessions , every morning during the week and in the office as well.

Product design:

The stick deodorant “Aloe Ever Shield” from “Forever Living Aloe”is in white plastic with protection cap which you have to remove before the first use.

The product itself:

The stick deodorant “Aloe Ever Shield”is a simpleglide-on deodorant stickandensures along lasting protectionagainstunderarmodor.


The deodorant is lightly perfumed, without alcohol, withoutaluminum salt, without propellant, verywell toleratedin sensitive skin with Aloe Vera.

 Results of the product review:

Of course you are interested in the results J. First of all I have to say that the texture of the product is very smoothly and creamy. It is very easy to apply. Immediately after you used it, it dries on the skin and leavesa very pleasant feeling. It smells very fresh, like when you put onsome fresh linen. Of course the smell is not too strong so you do not smell it later at all. That is why it is no problem to use your perfumeas well. There will not be a mix of different fragrances.

And here are some more important facts: Thisaluminum free deodorant does not leave any stain on the skin either on clothes. And the most important point (at least for me it is)is, that you do not smell any sweat. I really did not smell anything, not during my Zumba sessions neither during the day. It kept me fresh all day long and I felt really good.

stick deodorant Aloe Ever Shield


My personal opinion is that if you are looking for a healthier deodorant solution, you should use an aluminum free version that makes you feel good. In some situations there is nothing worse than a deodorant that does not do what it should do… As there are many different natural and aluminum free deodorants on the market  I recommend taking a few for a test drive. And if you do so, why don´t you share your experiences and thoughts with us? Let us know which product you tested, give us some information about it and write a product review on this page!

I have been satisfied with the stick deodorant “Aloe Ever Shield. If you want to try it out by yourself, you can buy it on the following website, it costs around 8 euros.



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