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Restaurant Aldente, Prague, Czech Republic

On my last visit in Prague, which is the capital city of the Czech Republic, I found a very nice Italian restaurant where I had a great dinner with my husband. Today I would like to share this special experience with you.

The Italian restaurant we found during our time in Prague is called Aldente. aldente.cz/ The traditional Italian trattoria is located in a quiet street next to the beautiful old city of Prague. When we first entered the Italian restaurant, we felt comfortable immediately. We were confronted with a very warm and nice atmosphere. The Italian restaurant has got two floors and in the basement you can find a separate room for dining.. I am pretty sure you can rent this room for a private party or business events. It might also be an ideal place for vine testing.

The restaurant itself is located on the first floor. The decoration of the room is mostly red and white, which means traditional Italian ;). When you look around, you can see some old Italian pictures on the walls, hung prosciutto, bottles of grappa and for sure pasta.

Pasta seems to be the right keyword to finally talk about the food. The Italian restaurant Aldente in Prague has an open kitchen which is a very special eye catcher. The cooks are preparing tasty traditional Italian dishes there, as I remember the pasta was homemade.First we got some olive oil with homemade bread, this was served as appetizer. If you decide to visit this Italian restaurant in Prague once, you will taste, that the olive oil is very expensive and of high quality.

As starter we ordered octopus with roasted dried tomatoes, garlic and vinegar, which was very delicious. For the main dish I ordered risotto. As you all know it is not easy to prepare good risotto, but what I ate in the Italian restaurant Aldente in Prague was very tasty. My husband tried the homemade pasta which was also very good. For desert we had a big piece of tiramisu. Even though I am not a big fan of sweets I enjoyed this fresh, light, creamy and yummy tiramisu.

Finally I have to say that I can highly recommend this Italian restaurant. If you spend some time in Prague you should definitely go there and enjoy the nice atmosphere and the delicious food.

Have a great day there!

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