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Restaurant Colina, Cologne, Germany

I have already been in Cologne many times, for private or job-related reasons. Each time I´m in Cologne, I visit my favourite local restaurant there. It is called Colina restaurant and it is a really good steak restaurant.

For me it is definitely one of the best European steak restaurants I´ve ever been to. The restaurant Colina is run by a family with Columbian roots. The service is excellent and the people there are very friendly, which is very important for me.

If you´re dining at Colina restaurant, you will make the experience, that preparing steaks is not just preparing food, it is passion. The “grill master” comes from the Colombian highlands and he is celebrating its quality. The steaks are grilled on an open charcoal grill and believe me, there are not many restaurants preparing their steaks like this. I´ve been in various steak restaurants in the United States but I never had such an experience.

You might probably know that I´m not the biggest fan of meat. So I´m really happy, that the restaurant Colina offers lovely tapas or Cuban cuisine as well. But my husband loves meat. He is always ordering the same dish: A 400-500 gram fillet steak. I know that this is quite a big piece of meat, but I can understand my husband. Cause even though I´m not a big fan I tried this steak and it tastes absolutely delicious. He loves it to eat it medium, tender rose and a little bit bloody inside.  The meat is so tender that a knife slides through. The taste from the first to the last bite is a delight of the purest meat.

So is your mouth already watering ;)? Well, I´ve got a second recommendation for you. If you´re dining at Colina restaurant, you should try the house rum. It is very soft, but the taste is so good, that we had to buy the whole bottle. Now we enjoy the rum at home, on long evenings or after a good dinner. It is not easy to find good restaurants. So if you decide to visit the Colina restaurant on your next trip to Cologne make sure you do a reservation, otherwise they might be fully booked.

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