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Restaurant La Veranda, Prague

On my weekend trip in Prague I went to a lovely restaurant with a mix of Czech and Mediterranean cuisine. The one thing I love about this place is the fact that they provide a healthier range of products. Most of the food is often organic and is selected from small Czech farmers in the Sumava, Krkonose and Vysocina, areas of the Czech Republic that are well known for their natural environment.

They use high quality ingredients which is important to create the delicious food. The atmosphere and the service play a major part to the experience you get when you are seated. The décor is stunning with fresh flowers around the restaurant, they focus on making it feel quite “homely”, and I felt like I was having dinner in my grandmother’s living room.

They offer specials threw out the week, have the most delicious food and great service. They have very reasonable prices and a great location. I would definitely recommend this restaurant

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