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Sailing on Maui, Hawaii – 3rd part

I’m back with our sailing adventure on Hawaii.

Day three

In the morning after the great celebration on the beach we started sailing to Halepalaoa Bay, Lanai. We wanted to stay overnight there, but the day ended different than originally planned. When we arrived at Halepalaoa Bay, Lanai,  sea was so rough that I started feeling sick. I have to say the bay was wonderful: We saw a great beach, which was almost empty. There were no people on the beach and the water was nice.

By the way: Larry Ellison plans the first eco hotel club in Lanai in this bay – This might be a reason to come back to Halepalaoa Bay soon ;). Unfortunately the waves were too high to anchor on this day. Our captain said it would be better to leave this place because the weather didn´t seem to improve quickly. So we decided to stop at Honolua Bay, west Maui, because the water was quiet there. On the way to the bay we could make some whale and dolphins watching, which was a great experience.

Day four

At our fourth day of our sailing trip we woke up at Honolua Bay, Maui. We went snorkeling very early in the morning. It was a little bit too early for me (about 8 am) but we had a good reason: Honolua Bay is pretty famous for being a nice snorkeling region. Later that day we could see a lot of tourists arriving with boats from all over. So finally I agreed jumping into the water in the morning. It was cold but nevertheless it was nice to see the sea life of the island.

Afterwards we prepared the boat for our next destination, which was Molokai Island. About the adventures on Molokai I will tell you in my next blog. I really hope you enjoyed this blog so far and you will come back soon.

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