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Sailing on Maui, Hawaii – last part

Hello everybody, it´s good to see you again J! Today I’d like to present you the last part of our sailing adventure trip with Kainani Sails on Maui, Hawaii.

Day five

After we left Honolua Bay, Maui, we decided to take direction to Molokai. Molokai is the fifth biggest island of Hawaii. The landscape and the beaches of Molokai are unspoiled and simply beautiful. Our captain took direction into the bay of Kamalo, which is in the south of Molokai.

The wharf is kind of abandoned but that doesn´t matter – you can enjoy a terrific view on the coast, the offshore islands of Maui and Lanai and Mount Kamakou as well. According to the weather report we expected a very stormy night. So we were looking for a safe and quiet place for the night. Because of the low water it wasn´t very easy sailing into the bay of Kamalo in Molokai. Besides there were plenty of reefs and the ocean floor was covered with corals. But due to our experienced crew of Kainani Sails we managed it . The water in the bay was clear and coloured in a mix of blue and green, which was beautiful. In the afternoon Rodriguez and me took the kayak and made a nice trip around the reef.

Thanks to a coconut floating around the boat we could enjoy a nice, cold and refreshing drink. While paddling in the wonderful waters of Hawaii, we could also see a lot of turtles. Honestly I can´t find the right words for all of these unforgettable impressions. To see only one lonely sailing boat in the bay was a magical view.

As expected there was a strong storm in the night. The wind was blowing hard and we could hear the trees squeaking. The boat was rocking but due to our safe position in the bay, nothing happened.

Day  six

On the following day we moved to Pukoo Bay in Molokai. Pukoo Beach consists of two different beaches: The first one is located in the east; it has got clear blue water and a sandy seafloor.

The second beach of Pukoo Bay is located in the west; sometimes it is a little bit cloudy there. You can find beautiful corals there and that’s why the beaches are a good starting point for some snorkelling adventures.

The lagoon of Pukoo Bay is a beautiful place but unfortunately (for all visitors) it is a private area. This day we took the kayak again and made a nice trip to the beach because we wanted to do a walk there. We took some gorgeous pictures and spend a wonderful day on the beach. If you like to spend more time at Pukoo beach you can rent a cottage or house there. It is a beautiful place for calm holidays in Hawaii, because you are far away from civilization.

The next morning we jumped into to dinghy and went to the beach together. At the beach we met a local guy who worked as a gardener in a very nice beach house. He told us that the owner of the house was the singer of a band called “Pearl Jam”. Besides the beach house the singer owned another house, his actual main building. This main building was situated away from the beach – in the rocks of Pukoo Bay in Molokai, where he has got a great view. The gardener was really friendly and opened some coconuts for us. We had found them on the beach and appreciated this delicious and healthy drink. Rodriguez was husking a brown coconut with his hands on a coral rock – it was a paradisiac scene for me !

After some hours  we had to return to Lahaina wharf. We went there through the Pailolo channel, which separates the islands of Molokai and Maui. Although the Pailolo channel is only about 8,4 miles long (at its shortest point) it is one of the windiest an roughest channels in all of the islands of Hawaii. During the trip back to the wharf of Lahaina, we tried to catch some fish – Well, honestly we tried it every day ! But suddenly it happened: Rodriguez caught an “Ono” or “Wahoo” fish.

This fish can be found in any tropical or subtropical seas. Keao and Iwa disembowelled and prepared the fish and we relished a very nice lunch together on the boat.

It was a great ending of a very special adventure trip. We had to say goodbye to Keao and Iwa, which was a little bit sad for us. We left the boat at the wharf of Lahaina and took a taxi to our next stop in Maui, Hawaii.

To sum up I have to say that this sailing trip was one of the best things I did in Maui. I can highly recommend the staff of Kainani sails, they are very experienced and friendly. If you ever spend a holiday in Maui, make sure you book an adventure trip with them. My special thanks are addressed to Keao and Iwa – Due to you guys we had a very special holiday and we will never forget the time we spent together.

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