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Sailing on Maui, Hawaii

Today I want to talk about one of the best adventures during my last holiday in Hawaii. I did a sailing trip with Kainani Sails, which was a fantastic experience. www.kainanisails.com/

We decided to rent the boat for six nights. Of course we didn´t start our adventure on our own – honestly we are no experts and sailing on Maui without guides would have been too dangerous. The skipper and captain named Keao and his girlfriend Iwa came with us. I was very happy to have Iwa on board because she is a great cooker!

The village Lahaina

Our trip started at Mala Wharf in Lahaina, which is a small village in the west of Maui. With all its shops, bars, restaurants and other attractions, Lahainais kind of a tourist place in my way of thinking. If you are looking for some nice souvenirs for your friends and family, the village ofLahaina is definitely a good address. Especially the shops that are located on the beginning of the Front Street are very nice.

Besides the Front Street there is a great bay for swimming or learning SUP. If you are interested in art, you can visit some of the numerous galleries in Lahaina.

There are also some really good restaurants at Lahaina, Maui.One of them is called Pacific’ O Restaurant. pacificomaui.com/  It has got a direct access to the beach and the guests can enjoy a wonderful view to the sea. That’s why Pacific´ O Restaurant is the perfect place for having a dinner with sunset view – But do not forget to make a reservation previously! On the menu you will find a great mix of seafood, Asian and American dishes.

Sailing on Maui – Our boat

The boat we rent at Kainani Sails had three cabins. During our sailingadventure in Maui we spend every night in the master cabin. This cabin was comfortable, we had enough space for all the staff we needed. When you´re sailing on Maui, you don´t need man things, just shorts, a bikini, some t-shirts, a sweatshirt, sunscreen, a wind jacket and long pants for the evenings and the nights. The master cabin had its own toilet and shower, where towels are available. So all you need to bring is your own shower gel and shampoo. If you decide to start a sailingadventure in Maui, use soft bags as luggage. Hard cases won´t fit in any of the cabins.

During yoursailing trip around the islands of Hawaii you will be outside on deck or on the beach the whole day, that’s why you need plenty of sunscreen J.Iwa from Kainani Sails was with us all the time and as I mentioned before, she is a great cooker. She prepared fantastic food for lunch and for dinner. We always hadfresh fruits, fresh vegetables and grilled nice fish or meet. Before you start the sailing trip in Maui, you can tell her which food you prefer. Iwa is very helpful and open-minded, and she is interested in preparing any kind of food.

I hope you enjoyed this blog so far and you will come back soon next week, when I will talk about the all adventures during our sailing trip.


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