15. May
Skincare product review – SkinCeuticals

Some weeks ago I wrote about my very good experiences with special skincare in winter time. I hope you remember my text about beauty and cosmetics – and my recommendations :). Today I want to talk about some skincare experiences I made in summer.

From time to time I go to the medical spa in Munich. Usually I go there to talk to the doctor and to check, if there are any problems with my skin. After the regular consultation I asked my Doctor which cosmetics she could recommend me for the summer time, due to I have rather dry skin and spend lot of time outside on the fresh air and in the sun. She recommended me the beauty-products of “SkinCeuticals”, which is an American brand.  The products of“SkinCeuticals” are sold in Germany in pharmacies and also in many different online shops. They have a lot of different products, that’s why I can´t recommend buying them online. You should better visit one of the specialists or go to a medical spa that offers the cosmetics of“SkinCeuticals”. There are also some pharmacies which are offering a professional skin analyzes. I just want to mention, that it is really important to choose the right products for your skincare. My doctor recommended two products: C E Ferulic and A.G.E. Interrupter.

C E Ferulic is a serum from the prevent line. It is high potency antioxidant treatment with 15% L –Ascorbitacid (VitaminC), 1% alpha tocopherol(vitaminE) and 0,5% ferulic acid. It neutralizes free radicals, shields against UV damage and enhances collagen production. It also conditions and brightens the complexion for improved beauty. I like that it absorbs quickly and does not leave your skin looking oily. I have been using it for a long time now – I started last summer and restarted now again. It is really good for the texture of my skin and seems to help diminish fine lines.It has to be used in the morning only;you only need to apply small drops over your face with the fingers. I’m using it for the chest as well. After using it, I always wait for some seconds before I apply the face cream.

My second product review is about is the A.G.E. Interrupter from the correct lineanti-aging treatment that revives aging and mature skin types.This beauty-product feels very soft and silky and absorbs immediately into your skin. It is recommended to use in the morning and in the evening, but I only use it in the evening, due to the fact that it does not have UVA protection. This is the reason why I use it at night.

The products I am talking about are quite pricey, but due to their consistence, they hold for a longer time than normal skin cream. Especially the C E Ferulic,for which you are using a pipette, last very long because you only need a few drops.

I can highly recommend both skincare products. If you have any question according cosmetics, skincare or beauty, just send me an email, or comment on this post. I promise I will come back to you.


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