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Skincare Products Review

30 days plan for your skin

When I’m in the United States, especially in big cities like Los Angeles or Miami, I´m always looking for some new products or recommendations about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. This winter I spent some time in Los Angeles and I found a good recommendation for some skincare products that should help to get better skin after the winter months. I decided to buy all the cosmetic products and started to use it as commended. The proposal provides to use the skincare products 30 days to get more glow and less wrinkles on your skin. Today I have already three weeks passed and here are my interim results.

First of all I have to mention that I have normal to dry skin, so I do not know how the results will be if you use the skincare products for sensitive or oily skin.

The following skincare products have to be used:

Morning: In the morning you have to use an ultra-gentle hydrating cleanser creamy formula –according to the recommendation you should choose the Neutrogena cleanser. I could not get the Neutrogena creamy cleanser – because it was sold out or not available anymore. So I decided to take a creamy cleanser from Origins. I asked a specialist in the shop and she told me that the most important aspect in this plan is not really the brand, but the consistence of the cleanser: It is important to use a creamy cleanser.

After using the cleanser from Origins I know why – I will let you know later in this article. So to sum up: If you are not able to get a Neutrogena cleanser, make sure you use another creamy cleanser in the morning.

The L’Oreal Paris Perfect Glow Renewal Cream is the recommendation for day cream.

But in my opinion it is not really necessary spending a lot of money on it, because it does not have any extras to compare to other day creams. It is sufficient to use the creamy cleanser from Origins, because it makes the skin very clean and soft in the morning. It takes out the rests from the night care and prepares the skin for the day. If you use normal cleanser in the morning, it will be too aggressive to the skin – that’s the reason why you should choose a creamy one.

My result: The creamy cleanser makes the skin soft and is a perfect basis for a day cream, that´s why I can truly recommend it. The L’Oreal Glow Renewal Day Cream is ok, but if you already have your day cream and you are satisfied, you should keep it. But be sure it is a hydration one.

Evening: According to the plan you should use the “Olay Pro –X Microdermabrasion plus Advanced Cleaning System” with microdermabrasion foam head, cleansing brush head, exfoliating renewal cleanser and thermal crystal polisher in the evening.

You have to wet your face and apply the cleanser first. Then you have to use the rotating brush, which helps to remove the dyed cells and to sink in the nighty moisturizers. As soon as your skin is dry, you have to wash your face with water. The cleanser (plus cleansing brush) has to be used five days a week. In the same way you have to use the polisher with the foam head once a week.

After the skin is prepared for the night care, you have to apply the cleansed skin Origins “Plantscription Youth- Renewing face oil”. The oil is herbal only. And don´t worry, your skin won´t be oily at all because you will have used the cleansing system before.

Normally I do wait a few seconds before I start with the next step. To finish the night care, the plan recommends using “Caudalie Premier Cru La Crème Riche”. This cream is very smooth and smells very good. After the whole procedure you don’t feel that your skin is overloaded from the cream and oil, it feels very soft.

My result: At a glance– The procedure exceeded my expectation. My skin is softer and more radiant and brightener then before. I did not only use the cleansers and creams in my face but also on my neck and chest. Due to the cleanser rotation system, your face gets a massage every day. It makes a solid contour and all the dry wrinkle’s disappeared. I can recommend all the products mentioned for the night care. I don’t know how it works in summer. But for the winter it will be my daily routine.

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