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Soma Bay, Egypt

I can´t hold back my excitement anymore, I have to tell you about my last trip to Soma Bay in Egypt, where I had a wonderful holiday. If you´re dreaming of having an unforgettable time with lots of sunshiny days too, you definitely should choose Egypt. Even though you´re gonna leave Europa, your flight will only take about 4 hours from Munich to Hurghada plus a 45 minutes transfer to the bay. So in total it´s less than five hours to get the holiday of your life started! If you have ever heard about overloaded places in Egypt, forget about it. Soma Bay is one of the rarely places which are not full of noisy and disturbing tourists. Some people start their trip by spending two or three nights in one of the hotels in Hurghada. If you decide to choose the relaxed start for your sensational holiday, book one of the red sea hotels! On the bay itself, you will find five Soma Bay hotels, three of them are high-class 5* accommodations. I´ve already spent some nights in each of them so far and to be honest, I can recommend all! So if you want to, I´d love to help you, making the right choice.


Les Cascades Soma Bay is the right option if you want to do wellness. It´s one of the best hotels in Hurghada for playing golf, because it´s exactly in the middle of a soma bay golf course. From Les Cascades Soma Bay you have wonderful ocean view, but it´s not directly on the seaside and about five minutes by car away from the other resorts.www.residencedescascades.com

All the other hotels at Soma Bay are directly on the beach. The most luxurious hotel at Soma Bay is Kempinski, www.kempinski.com/en/somabay .You will love the absolutely incredible lookout from the outside restaurant and ask yourself, why you didn´t come to here earlier. Every evening you will enjoy a fabulous dinner with fresh seafood and grilled fish. In some of the Soma Bay hotels you have to pay additional fee for food sometimes, but trust me, it´s worth it. The breakers, www.thebreakerssomabay.com is the best place to be, if you like to try kite surfing or diving, which is great fun. I can highly recommend the soma bay orca dive center.
I don´t know, if you would like the Club Robinson, because there you won´t find a lot of privacy. This hotel at Soma Bay is perfect for everybody who likes to party with lots of people and does sports like windsurfing, SUP, diving, tennis, workouts at the studio, Pilates, yoga, and many others. And you can definitely have a good time there at a funny beach-party. www.robinson.com/clubs/somabay

All of these Soma Bay hotels are connected with a boardwalk, where you will find different bars. There´s also a transfer, so if you stay at Les Cascades Soma bay and you meet a nice guy from the Breakers hotel Soma bay, it won´t be any problem for him to pick you up ;). Maybe he will take you to the Marina at the end of the promenade, where all the snorkeling and diving-trips start. The Marina is also the best place for souvenir-shopping. You will find touristic giveaways, clothes, exotic spices and aromatic tea. If you book just an breakfast in your hotel, you should try the tasty Asian food at the Marina. You will get sushi, indian food,thai curry and many others. Glorious end of your days in Hurghada or Soma Bay will be the gorgeous sunsets.

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