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Spending some nice days in Denmark

In my previous blog articles I told you, that all countries north of Germany are too cold for me. I never wanted to go there because I thought it was too rainy and windy. Then my husband told me that he wanted to go to Denmark with me. He really likes Denmark, told me that it is a great country and promised that I would not regret it. He spoke about sunny days, beautiful and long beaches and fresh air. You have to know that my husband is a windsurfer and of course the conditions for this sport are very good in Denmark. Well finally I said yes and agreed on travelling to Denmark. Now that I already have been there twice, I can say that it was the right decision. To be honest I would like to go there every year. Why? Explanations follow below 😉


Rent a house in Denmark

When we spend our vacations in Denmark, we usually rent a house. For me this is definitely the best choice as it has got many advantages. If you´re looking for a holiday renthouse in Denmark, you should contact one of the various agencies, which can be found online. There are a lot of different kategories: You can rather choose a simple, a normal or a very luxurious house. Also you can decide if you want to stay directly on the beach, in the dunes or in one of the small cities along the coast of Denmark.

Considering the renthouses I have seen so far I can tell that they are really nice. They are comfortable and fully equipped. Some holiday renthouses have got a fireplace where you can have a nice barbeque at night – and if you prefer to cook something for dinner by yourself, this can be easily done in the kitchen. Overall you have a lot of space in the houses and in some of them you can even find a sauna.


Summer feeling in Denmark

During our last stays in Denmark we choose houses in the sun dunes because we really like to go for a walk on the beach whenever we like. And what should I say? My husband was not lying when he told me about the great summer in Denmark. We usually had around 15 hours of sunshine every day. The sun rises around 5am and you can watch the sunset around 11pm. So in total you have got pretty long days there. Especially if you are on the northern coast, it feels like it never rains at all. Well, to be honest I don´t think that it is never raining, but during my stays it was always sunny.

I think the situation on the southern coast is a bit different but nevertheless it´s lovely there. So, when you´re planning to go to Denmark, I can give you a valuable advice: you should definitely bring the right clothes for every case, meaning at least a windbreaker jacket, a cap and also a bikini. The weather conditions change very often and you never know how the weather will be during the previous days. But, as I already mentioned, one thing is for sure – you will always have sunshine in Denmark.





What to do in Denmark?

When you think about spending some days in Denmark, I am sure you´re asking yourself what you can do there. Well, there are wonderful beaches which are perfect for long and relaxing walks. For many people the sea is probably a bit too cold to swim but nevertheless you can have an unforgettable time in Denmark. I really like to visit one of the various small cities on the lovely coasts such as, for example, Hvide Sande, Blavand.

Denmark´s west coast is the perfect place if you like doing sports. Windsurfing and kite surfing are very popular there. The best spots are Ringkobing Fjord or Hvide Sande. You should bring your own equipment as it is not too easy and good to rent it there. If you do not like to do windsurfing or kite surfing you can also play golf or mini golf. Or you can rent a bicycle and make a tour. Besides that you can go fishing or do a boat trip.

When you are in Denmark, you should definitely plan to do a daytrip to Arhus, the second biggest city. It can be found on the Baltic Sea site. In Arhus, Denmark, there are a lot of cafes, restaurants and bars. You can sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere. If you have got enough time you should also spend some time with shopping. The Scandinavian designers are offering great stuff, don´t miss it. And there is one more recommendation I have for you: go to the yacht harbor and visit one of the restaurants. Downstairs you can find a fish restaurant and upstairs there is a nice Italian restaurant, which is also offering local food. Try the local food, you will not regret it J.



Having dinner in Denmark

You want to spend your vacation in Denmark and need some more dinner-recommendations? Well in general I have to say that I suggest having dinner in one of the bigger cities like Arhus or Copenhagen. We also tried some restaurants in the smaller cities but the experiences were not that good because they mainly have fast food restaurants there. If you decided to rent a house, you can also cook by yourself. I highly recommend buying fresh fish on the market. Everything else you need can be found in the supermarkets. They are very well equipped and you will be able to get everything you like.

You are interested in Denmark now? Check out my pictures to get some more impressions!





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