20. Oct
Sunset and beaches on Long Island, New York

Some unforgettable moments…

As you know, I love spending time at the beach. I love to relax in a deckchair with an ice-cold drink or watch breathtaking sunsets or sunrises with my husband.

And I really never get bored there, because beaches like Long Beach in Long Island are not only the perfect places for relaxed afternoons. You can do plenty of things there. Of course beaches are the perfect place for sports like swimming, diving or surfing.  After an exhausting run at the beach and a refreshing bath in the sea, you can also sit down and watch the native plants, birds or other animals.

Spending time at the beach means a lot to me and I had some unforgettable moments there. Today I would like to share some of these moments with you. During my last vacations I took a lot of pictures. You are very welcome to take a look at my very special moments of peace and happiness.

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